Friday, August 8, 2008

Who Knew

I took LP to the doctor Wednesday for her regular well baby visit. She has been spitting up alot lately. I mean probably half her bottle. So they decided to do an Upper GI this morning. Which was interesting. They made her drink a bottle of barium dye and watch it as it went down. I told the nice techy guy that she would not drink it. He said 'well, we will see, we have never had a problem before. You will be surprised.' I said ok. *roll eyes* So time comes for her to drink it. She gags, she spits it out. They were like 'wow, I've never seen that.' Hmmmmmm....... Anyway, Everything was good though. But the funny thing is, we have been giving her zantac to counter act the acid reflux. The last time she took it was Wednesday morning. Almost all day Friday and Most of the time today she hardly even spit up. Interesting. It could be a fluke. But maybe she was having a reaction to the zantac. Well, we will just have to wait and see.

In other news, my dog was never gone. That night at about 11pm my mother calls me. (We moved basically across the street from them.) She says 'Did you find Sheila?' At which I was quite confused since I never called and told her she was missing and I had previously been sleeping. She continued after a brief silence from my end as I was trying to think ' She came down to our house while you were gone so we brought her back. We put her in the 3 seasons room so she wouldn't follow us.' She never even barked or anything to be let out! She is such a good doggy!

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