Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New house

We put an offer down on a house yesterday. We need to move out of town! Our neighbors are horrible! As I've blogged before they have chickens that get on our porch and crap all over it. And that is just to start out! They are drug dealers, all there kids smoke, there is always nasty young men hanging around the house, there is always screaming and yelling coming from the house, they have a defunct van in the back yard that they use as a tool shed, they leave dead deer carcasses out to rot, I have called the police on them twice for domestic disturbance, and I think I could go on for ever so I will quite now. So we decided that we need to get out now that we have 2 girls. So we put an offer down on a house that we have looked at twice now. Once a couple of years ago and then just last Saturday. It has 12 acres of land, on a lake, ranch with a walk out basement, 4 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, 3 seasons room, enclosed porch, attached garage, and a huge room above the garage. We are really hoping to get it. It is a a good deal for 2 reasons 1.) they want out bad. I believe they are trying to move to Arizonia? and 2.) it is a buyers market in the state that I live in. Anyway, I can not wait to hear. They are supposed to get back to us by tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just the 2 of us

Pilot and BAB went to visit the mother in law. Actually its the annual 'pool party'. All the family gets together for the weekend and stays at a hotel. It takes 7 hours to get to were they are going. I don't know who to feel worse for Pilot or BAB. Last time we went up there BAB screamed the whole way there. Ok maybe just half. But it felt like the whole time. I have not heard from Pilot yet today to see how it went..... I decided that traveling with a screaming toddler and a nursing 2 month old was not for me. Sorry in laws! Love you anyways! I may go up there at the end of May to see my sister in law getting her nursing pin and graduate. That shall suffice. So its just me and LM. I even got to take a nap today. WOO HOO!

In other news, we put an offer down on a house! So we may be moving! YAY!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The baby is sleeping

All day LM would not sleep. She would only sleep in my arms. Unfortunately that is possible as I have toddler running around that needs my attention as well. So she spent a good portion of today miffed at me crying in her glider. BUT she is sleeping finally in her glider. Hopefully for the night. If she wakes up I may cry...and get up and rock her back to sleep.

BAB and her bag o' medicine

We took BAB to another doctor finally. I never really liked her old one. She just didn't seem to give me any direction in BAB's asthma, acid reflux, or eating issues. However, she is still on medicaid until she is adopted and most doctor's offices have a limit of how many patients they can take that are on medicaid. I couldn't find another doctor that would take her. But LM's doctor let us take BAB up to her anyways. She is awesome! She has her on a ton of medicine right now, but it is only for a brief period. BAB always has a 'smoker's cough' and I kept asking the old doctor about it. She just kept saying it was ok. New Doctor says no its not and we are going to fix it. BAB was wheezing and had a ear infection as well and I didn't even know it. So she is on amoxicillin for the ear infection, oral steriod for 5 days, singular (indefinitely), Zantac (still), and albuteral through her nebulizer 4 times a day for 2 weeks. Also she upped her zantac because it wasn't nearly enough. She said this might also help her eating issues as well. I hope so. But I have a feeling it won't. I think it is more emotional then physical. So in the long run BAB will only be on zantac, singular, and possibly albuterol. The thought is to dry up all her congestion in her chest so she will not have her 'smokers cough'. This will keep ear infections down as well. Also I am hoping that she will be better behaved after all has calmed down. She is just so up and down with her emotions. I just don't think she felt good. Besides the fact that she was feeling icky from wheezing and congestion her acid reflux was probably bad because she wasn't getting enough medicine. Stupid old doctor. So I am really hoping when all is said and done that she will a happier child.


Well, today is my birthday and as per tradition it has been moderately sucky. Not because of anybodies doings. Both my sister and my mom had the flu yesterday. I don't want to risk me or my girls getting that nastiness so I'm not going out with them. My sisters in laws are both out of town. My friend's kids are sick. So shes out. Pilot left this morning for work. And even if I wanted to go out by myself all my babysitters are afore mentioned! Besides that BAB is on steriods due to asthma type issues and is REALLY REALLY cranky. So taking them out with me is a no go unless I buy some xanax on the black market. But alas I am 27 years old today even so. I don't feel that old. I know its really not old. I didn't mean that exactly. I just feel like I am still 21, young and hip. Then I look around my house and my wardrobe and think otherwise. I need a makeover! I think I am having a mini-crisis. BAH!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Good day at the ranch

I finally ventured out today with both kids alone. I was a little stressed at first, but soon realized there was nothing to worry about. BAB was really good. LM was not so proper today though. But all in all they were both on pretty good behaviour. We started out at Babie R Us. I might have pushed it a little when we went by the toy isle. After that I decided to go when we were still doing good. Then we sat in the Target parking lot while both girls had lunch and decided to try a little more shopping. That trip was very short however. LM was a little fussy so I fugured we should just go. But I got a few shirts and got BAB a bunch of summer clothes too. So we did really good today. YAY!

Monday, March 3, 2008

tired so, so tired

Well, LM is almost 8 weeks old. We are starting to get a semi schedule going. That helps me. Because then I may be able to get a nap in as well if I play my cards right. YAY! She sleeps pretty good through the night still. But even so I only get about 6 hours of sleep in between getting up to feed her and going back to sleep. It is so exhausting taking care of 2 kids under the age of 2. I am basically a single mother unless you count the 2 days a week Pilot is home. Poor BAB doesn't hardly get my attention very much anymore. At least she doesn't try to poke the baby very much anymore. She is at a 'no touchy' rule right now unless she can sucker someone into letting her do it. LM is just to little for grabby little girl hands. Soon enough she will be able to play with her. Then I will have a whole other set of problems..... LM has a doctors appt. next for her 2 month well baby visit. I don't want to take her since she will have to get like 5 shots. Poor baby.