Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not funnies

Sorry, I don't have any funnies. But I can say lack of sleep makes you psycho. And I will leave it at that.

We have my sister's little one today and tonight. The rest of them are going to Great Wolf lodge. Lucky dogs! We will have to go up there some day. They were going for Cody's birthday. When he woke up ths morning he had croup. :( Poor guy. I hope he has fun!

Sienna spent the night at my mom's last night. I wonder how it went. She is not a good sleeper even here. She gets up ALL night because she has to "go to the bathroom". And she goes to bed like that too. She is by far our worst sleeper. Even Ruby sleeps better then her!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wait... what?!?!?

OK since I haven't posted anything in forever...again.... I am just going to pick up the week like I have been posting left and right. :)

So this week was pretty crazy as always. I got an email from a family in another state that I visited a couple years ago. LOVED IT! I went to Honduras with a few people from that area. I miss it so much. Ever since I had kids I have not been able to go. I have either been pregnant, just got a baby, or just had a baby. I keep saying next year....

Ruby got a fever. No other symptoms. And so far nobody else is sick. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way! She was enough to handle.

I am going to be in a wedding this summer. Yes, you heard right. It is going to be in July and outside. That means I better start tanning or the planes will crash the wedding because they are blinded by my white legs. Also I will be standing next to 2 younger blind skinny size 4 chicks. I'll let that sink in a little. Ok, moving on, I tried on bridesmaid dresses today with them. I am going to stick out like a sore thumb. I am short, black hair, and not skinny. Le sigh. BUT I love my friend and I will do it. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Truth is always strange;
Stranger than fiction.

-Lord Byron

Lord Byron was an anglo-Scottish poet and a leading figure in Romanticism. I like the qoute. Its pretty accurate if you think about it.....

TMI Tuesdays?!!?!?!?

Where did the time go! OK here goes.

On what occasion do you lie?

I don't lie very much. It just gets back to you in a bad sort of way. When I was a teenager I lied alot. Mostly to my parents. Of course thats about 90% of the teenage population! :) But I didn't like it. So I changed my ways and held to the truth. They only time that I lie is when good manners dictates it. Or when Randy asks who ate all the chocolate....:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

the word

So for my google word for the day I chose my name. Very interesting. There were more of me then I thought! I need to buy more hats I guess..... There is a very popular one in Californa. She leads a very interesting life by the looks of it. But not me. Then I found me! And my hometown. Which then I put into a whitepages site and got my address! Gee I hope I don't have any stalkers out there. Maybe I should be locking more doors around here..... Nah, my dog would annihilate them the second they hit the door. But at any rate, be careful what you put out there!

I gotta go someone is knocking at my door.... JK!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The week

I'm going to try something new. I am going to make each day of the week a theme. Then I will have something to write about!

Sunday- The funnies from the previous week
Monday- Google word for the day
Tuesday- TMI Tuesdays
Wednesday- Wiki Wednesdays.
Thursday- Crazy cat lady talk
Friday- Everything you want to know
Saturday- the week in review

OK so there you go!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The cruddy crud

We all went through the crud around here. I am at the end fianlly. Sienna and Lanna are to the end I hope. But I think we have another contestant- Ruby. So we will see how it goes!

My sister and her gang all got the stomach flu. I am crossing my index fingers and hissing at them for the next 3 weeks. I HATE the stomach flu! Atthough I think maybe Ruby gave it to them..... So maybe we are safe!

Every since school started it has been constant rud around these parts. And my kids aren't even in school! I can't imagine what is to come next year! sigh...... One day at a time.

The gang

Well I've decided that there really is no harm now of names being said on here. I will probably not say names of any foster kids though. So I will lay out the name roster for you.

Pilot - my husband, Randy
Me- Leslie
BAB- Sienna, my oldest.
LM-Lanna, middle (for now:)
LC- Ruby

And that is that. I may mention other names as I go!

The Funnies

SIenna was trying to tell Randy what to do one morning. The conversation went like this.
Sienna- You put that cereal in my bowl.
Randy- Whoa! Who tells daddy what to do?
Sienna- (with out hesitation) Mommy
Me- smothering peels of laughter in the chair behind them.

Seen on a FB status-

A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says...W T F

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Alive!!! (revisited)

I have missed bloggy land! So many times I have said "I should put that on my blog." But then everytime I sit down I have a baby, child and/or FOOD in my hand. But I found a moment!

Things I have learned this year.

1. I can change a diaper in the dark. (not poopy)
2. LOVE nap/bed time.
3. Being puked on is better then changing and cleaning 3 sheets a day.
4. I am addicted to farmville.
5. drive through pharmacies are the BOMB. (yeah you read write... the BOMB)
6.Putting Dora on the TV downstairs = very much peace and quiet upstairs.
7. I LOVE my baby sitter/housekeeper. She does my laundry. Nuff said.
8. Children's cold medicine works just as good if you take double the dose.
9. I am in favor of no more Christmas parties during nap time.
10. I despise dieting.

There you have it. My 12 days of the new year.