Thursday, May 31, 2007


Why can't teeth just magically appear in little ones mouth's? Why do they have to scream at the top of there lungs for hours because they are getting 2 molars and their front teeth all at the same time. Why? For the love of Pete, Why!?!?!?!?

Side note- Who is Pete and why do we love him so?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vitamin B6- The wonder drug

So as we know when you are pregnant you get morning sickness. I was starting to get into the time when things get going and hormones start making you feel like crap. My doctor suggested taking B6. I can't tell you how much better I feel! This is the conversation I had with my mom

Me- "Mom, this stuff is amazing! I'm not tired. I don't feel sick any more! I am thinking better. Can you imagine what I would be like if I was taking this and I wasn't pregnant? I'd be a genius!"

Mom- " Are you sure its not crack?"

Me- " I don't know, but you should try it!"

Mom- "Riiiight......."

Sweat Pea

I heard today that he is going to be here another 3 weeks at the very least. But nothing is for sure. I will miss him terribly when he leaves. I think he will end up with family in the end. Which is important as well. I guess what ever happens is meant to be. He has a visit with the mom this week so maybe I can get more information from the social worker.

Some very exciting news

Well, I found out I'm PREGNANT! I am going to be 9 weeks on Sunday. We are very excited. We didn't think this would happen. I will keep you all updated as to the latest and greatest!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The God of Hot Water

I would like to announce that my brother-in-law is my hero and the God of hot water. The story starts like this- Pilot left me incommunicado camping yesterday along with my dad. All was going fine until this morning when I awoke at 5:30am with 2 screaming babies. After all was fed, including my very nauseous stomach, I was going to quick jump into the hot shower for a small, but very enjoyable few minutes. I turned the water on and waited for it to start getting warm....... It never did. So, beside myself, I thought "Woe is me. *throws hand over forehead* I have no hot water. Whatever shall I do? And no husband to fix it." (Okay so I really tried to fix it myself until somebody told me that it could be dangerous if I didn't know what I was doing...... Which I had no clue.) So I called my incredibly busy brother-in-law to see if he could possibly come by and rescue his favorite sister-in-law. (not to mention his only... for a couple more weeks) He manged to put his work aside to come all the way out to see what the problem was. He relit the God Blessit machine and I have beautiful hot water pouring from my shower as we speak. AHWOMAN!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is this sleep people keep asking me about.....

Only kidding! Actually I have been getting a little bit more sleep then I thought! The newborn who I've decided to call Sweet Pea is a pretty good baby. Once I figured out how to get him to sleep through the night and keep him awake during the day we were doing good. Last night he even slept about 6 hours. He woke up once which woke me up and I gave him a bottle. He promptly fell asleep with out eating a half a once! So maybe I can do the same trick tonight.

I do have to say that Pilot has been very good the last couple of days. He has been cleaning and cooking a little and taking care of BAB for me so I can get used to SP. He hasn't complained much...... But today he left me for a camping trip with my dad. *sigh* My mom os going to help me though. I mean if I have SP much longer I am going to have to figure out how to manage two babies. I'll be fine...... I think.......

Well it is time for little guy to awake for a couple of hours so I'll have to stop writing for now. I will hopefully be able to blog a little bit more though!

Friday, May 18, 2007

New Arrival

We have a new foster baby. The SW told me it was going to be just a couple of weeks........ We'll see. He is a newborn. I got him right from the hospital. He is a CUTIE! Not so cute at 4 on the morning, but who is. He was a pretty good citizen last night as a whole. He wanted to be awake, but we made it through. He is waiting for a placement with a family member. The DHS has to check them out first of course. And of course nothing is for sure and he may need long term care...... Which I wouldn't cry over..... I think that it is important to have children and babies stay with family if at all possible. But after taking care of him for a little bit it will be hard to let him go!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mass Chaos in My Backyard

Ok so I've never lived in town growing up so there may be some unwritten rule that you are allowed as children to roam free and play with other children's toys. And if there is I will live to change this rule. My neighbor and I have our playsets close to each other so that we can chat and play on each others playsets. My nephews, BAB, and I were inocently playing in the brand new kiddy pool(not even near my neighbors play set) and all of a sudden there were about 10 kids in my yard and the neighbor's play set. It was mass chaos! I had kids I didn't even know trying to get in my very small kiddy pool! One kid even exclaimed to me "You don't know me!" I was like "Your right. Why are you in my yard?" OKay so I really didn't say that, but the thought came to mind. Anyway, that girl and her 3 sister's and brother's came from a block down! Where are their parents!?!?!?!?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Helpful Nephews

The Wide Eyed Wonder was at our house the other day. He was playing games on the computer while Pilot and I were picking at each other. Pilot poked me a little and I said "Ouch!" WEW promptly turned around and said "Are you alright Aunt Leslie?" I said "Yes, I am. Thanks WEW for asking." He turns to Pilot and then says "Don't do that again or you will go in quiet time."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thank the Lord the baby is sleeping.....

Finally BAB has decided that it is okay to sleep again. Ever since she got here she always just liked to be laid down to sleep no rocking no cuddling. She would sometimes play a little, but generally go to sleep sooner then later. So when this last couple of weeks she hasn't been going to sleep when I laid her down it was hair pulling! She would play in her crib for a good hour until I would finally go get her and have to deal with a no nap cranky little person all day! BUT! Last night she went to bed at 6:30pm and did not wake up until 8:15am. I am still in shock! And to further the shock I put her down for a morning nap at 10:15am (reluctantly) and she has been sleeping ever since! I heard her at 11:50, but haven't heard her again. I should check, but I think she went back to sleep. I'm just shocked! I hope this is not the calm before the storm.........

Monday, May 7, 2007

Racoon VS 4 grown men

Pilot was out late last night helping my dad move stuff from his mother's house. So I went to bed with out him. He came in yelling "Hey, Hey, there's a baby raccoon out there everybody is looking at with a flash light." So I get my clothes back on and walk out to see 4 grown men standing around looking at this little defenseless baby raccoon the size of a baseball mitt. They were all scratching their heads saying "I'm not touching it." He was screeching away for his mother. Apparently the mother fell out of a tree across the road. So..... I went to my garage got a 5 gallon bucket. I scooped him up and brought him across the road to the tree where his mother fell. Laid the bucket down and let the poor little imp crawl out and climbed up the tree. The 4 grown men were all like "Hey can it crawl up a tree?" I was like "Uh, Yeah." I guess it takes a woman sometimes.........

BAB is 11 months old!

BAB is going to be 11 months old tomorrow! I can't believe it! She is growing like crazy and doing all kinds things that I can't believe it! She is saying 8 words- dada, byby, dog, cat, hello, duck, mama, and all done. She is walking with just one of my hands now as well. She even sleeps all night for me. When she turns 1 I am going to throw a big party for her. She deserves it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Bear with me here. I was half listening to the Today Show today and heard this word. So I stopped for a moment and listened. I was appalled. Which led me to google the word. I came up with a few websites of interest-
And also the clip is on the Today Show's web page found here-

I could not believe the reaction something like this got. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. Grupsters refers to a group of parents who "refuse to grow up". The listen to Rock music and dress their kids in clothes from The Gap and Children's Place. They dance to Disco with their children instead of Barney. These parents have been called selfish and accused of wanting to be their children's friends instead of parents.

What IS the difference if they listen to disco instead of Barney! Is their some hidden hand book that says you are supposed to forget and never bring up all music that you listened to before you had a child. Are we supposed to assume completely different identities after the babies first breathe? These parents just want their kids to know who they are, where they come from. Its part of the child's heritage.

And seriously...... God forbid parents make there children wear nice clothes. Our culture has become fashion obsessed, yes I'll give you that. However, wanting your kids to have clothes that look like your own is not selfish. All parents choose what their babies and children wear. Some choose to put their babies in little puffy balls of pink and wear sports pictures on their clothes. So are they being selfish as well by assuming the kids want to look like cotton candy and little sports freaks?

I think these parents love their children. They are just showing it to them a little differently. They are having fun and interacting with their children. Isn't that what it is all about? Isn't that what all the studies say? Spend more time with your children. They are! And you want to criticizes them for they way they do it now! Oy!

The Bike Ride

So I finally got out on my bike. We road about 6 miles. My legs immediatley took a vote and decided they hated me. I have come to the conclusion that I am REALLY out of shape! Pilot's brother and sister in law came out for the monumental ride. We ate supper and chatted for a while after that. As soon as they walked out the door I collapsed on the couch convinsed that I was dieing. Pilot seemed to think I was grossly over reacting. Easy for him to say his legs didn't take a vote.......