Friday, August 29, 2008

Diets Suck

Well, I am currently still on the no gluten diet. I actually love that. I do feel a ton better. I overloaded on gluten last Sunday and regretted it very much. But at least I know that the no gluten thing is working. However, I have now started a 1200 calorie diet. I hate it. But I will love it when I am 40 lbs. smaller. I lost weight before I had LM and that is when I got pregnant. I better uh.... make sure I do something hence I end up pregnant again. Anyway, this is the first day I actually made it through with out Oh Hecking it. I didn't quite make the 1200 calorie mark, but I got close enough. Tomorrow will be better.

In other news, Pilot is leaving me for 5 days to go back packing with my dad. I guess I should be happy that my husband and my dad get along. I'm not happy that he is going away when he could be here. I don't see him hardly enough as it is. *sigh*

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