Saturday, August 29, 2009

You guessed it

I had the baby!!! HAHA... Little Cutie was not bigger then LM as it turned out. LM was 7lbs. 7oz. and LC was 7lbs 8oz. both 20 inches long! HAHA!! Long story short I was suppposed to have a c section at noon and went into labor at 1:30 in the morning. Hard contractions 2 then 1 minute apart. They wouldn't do the c section at 2:30 in the morning when I got there and so I had to wait until 11:15 when they finally took pity on me and did it. They did gave me something to stop the contractions but it really didn't work. It kinda did but not really. It stopped them for about a half hour, but then they came back. But all was well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coming up

My C Section is next Monday!!!! So excited. I think this baby is going to fall right on out. I am pretty sure she is going to be bigger then LM was. Glad this one is a C Section for sure. It takes the waiting out of the picture. Although I get a lot of funny looks when I tell them that I am having my baby a certain day. Then I have to explain that it is a c section and blah blah blah....Whatever...

I am up in the middle of the night because Pilot decided not to go to bed when I did. Which is fine. But then is loud and wakes me up before he goes to bed. Then I have to go to the bathroom. Then Sheila decides that she is going to whine at my bedside because she needs to go outside which Pilot has oh so nicely already went to sleep. So I have to get up and let the dog out. Then wait. While I am waiting BAB starts crying and comes out of the bedroom..... for no reason but to cry. Sent her back to bed. Then I got hungry so I made a snack. Maybe an hour later I will get back to sleep. UGH. I better get used it though. Pretty soon I will be up with night feedings. Hopefully more sleeping during the day will occur then.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy busy busy

I am trying to get as much stuff done as I can before the baby is born. Although I have stopped doing a lot of walking stuff. Like zoos and shopping....:( But I am still busy! I have doctors appt., visiting with friends, open houses, family reunions, and just plain craziness! But I am glad because it passes the time so well.

Also I am so very proud of myself for not going to fast food the last couple of nights. I have just not wanted to do anything, but I made myself get something around for dinner both nights. Tonight was chedder brats, fried potatoes, and broccoli. HAHA. At least it was edible! And it had a veggie!

Pilot has been gone since Thursday and will not be back until Wednesday. It is going to be a loooooong week! But I am prepared. I even have somebody coming over on Tuesday to watch the kids while I get out. And then on the last day somebody is coming out to make jam with me. OK, well she is going to make jam and I am going to watch.....heehee. AND then, Pilot is going to take the girls camping Thurs.-Sunday. WAHOO!!!! It is just about an hour away. His family always goes there every year. I am not interested at all. I hate it every year. All they do is ride bikes and its usually boring. Now that I have the kids I get stuck with them all the time because he is out riding bikes. So I said no camping for me! HAHA! I might go out a day like I did the last couple of times. That isn't so bad. I can leave when I want to. Maybe I will kidnap...uh... I mean snag one of the sister in laws. :)