Saturday, August 30, 2008

The crazy house

This is my schedule:

7 Get all kids up change diapers. Give LM and LP bottle.
7:30 clean up and fix breakfast for me, BAB, and LM
8 Eat breakfast with BAB and LM
8:30 give LP cereal
9 put LM down for nap
9:30 Put LP down for nap
10 mommy time with BAB
10:30 get snack for BAB and I
11 Give LM bottle
11:30 Give LP bottle
12 Get lunch around for BAB, LM and I
1 Put LP and BAB down for nap
1:30 Put LM down for nap
2 clean up kitchen and living room. Do other chores
2:30 Feed LP
3 mommy time with LP
3:30 Feed LM
4 Get snack for BAB
4:30 Put LP down for nap
5 Mommy time with LM
5:30 Get supper ready
6 feed the minions
6:30 clean up from supper
7 get LM ready for bed
7:30 Get LP ready for bed
8 Get BAB ready for bed
8:30 Dive into bed and sleep

*LP still wakes up around 5ish in the AM for a bottle as well

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