Thursday, August 30, 2007

The ultrasound

I had my ultrasound yesterday. Now why the crap do you have to have a full bladder?!?!?! I think that is so asinine. The baby is like 12 inches long. You can't miss it! You won't confuse it with the bladder either! I tell you what it was down right painful. I couldn't even concentrate on being happy because my baby had 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 toes, and 10 fingers because I thought I was going to pee my pants! But the tech guy was nice enough to let me go to the bathroom. Then he tried to see the gender. I shot off that table so fast I don't think a bullet could have got me. Then he gelled me up again and jiggled my belly around trying to get the baby to move its legs. It unfortuentely did not want to move. But it finally did. IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! She is already stubborn. I guess what can I expect. She's my daughter! All my mom had to say was "you reap what you sew". I laughed and then gave her the stink eye.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is that I hear?

NOTHING!!!!!!!! BAB is sleeping and it is only 7:30! She has been teething again. So sleep, good dispositions, and all around fun has been few and far between with us. But there must have been a break through because she finally took a couple naps and is sleeping tonight before 9! Thank God!

In other news, I ate taco salad at my mom's tonight and I don't think the baby liked it very much. Sorry Baby!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trampoline anyone?

My baby has decided to use my bladder as a trampoline. I'm not sure why, yet. I give it all the comforts she/he needs. Prenatal vitamins, nice cushie uterus, some nice amniotic fluid to float and swim around in, but nooooooo he/she has to use my poor bladder for jumping excersizes. Depends anyone?

In other news the ultrasound will be this Wednesday. So I will be able to tell you all what the sex is!!!!!

Girls road trip

So TJ and I left 6.5 turned 10 hour trip to the MIL's house. I had a very busy morning taking Sheila to my grandparents to dog sit. Taking BAB to my sisiter's house to baby sit. Go make sure the cat's are alright at my mom's house since she is on vacation as well. Pick up snacks for trip. Then I had to stop by the house again because I realized I didn't leave the garage door open so the cat's could eat!

So I get this all done and head over to TJ's house. We pack up and get the crap out of there. YAY! As per tradition some really weird things happened on the trip.

Number 1 weird thing- Now to set this up if you are Pilot and his brother's you would say everyday 'you can't mow concrete'.we say a man 'mowing concrete'. Which TJ and I are tremedulously sick of hearing this. We don't know what it means and personally I don't think they do either. So while we were driving along we saw a guy actually mowing concrete! This was hilarious to TJ and I. We almost stopped the car and asked for a signed statement from the guy. Lucky for him we didn't.

Number 2 weird thing- We are driving along a major interstate and another interstate dumps into us. We are absolutley shocked at this guy with a camper and big truck because he is not getting out of the way of the incoming traffic. So we go around him on the left anyways. We are so busy ragging on the guy that we didn't notice our lane ended in like 5 feet! All of a sudden I'm shouting at TJ who is driving at the time "you lane is ending!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your lane is ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!" To which we both peed our pants and started screaming like girls. We fortunately made it unbeknowst to the smart trucker camper guy.......

Number 3 weird thing- Ok I'm not sure if this is really weird, but it is worth saying. On all road trips concerning TJ and I conversation ceases to exist when the song supercalafradgilistic comes on. And that is all I will say about that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm back

Well, we took a long weekend to my MIL houses. There was going to be a wedding for Pilot's cousin. The thing is my MIL lives 7 hours away. ARGHHHHH! So my loving husband let me go up early with TJ and he left a day later with Bruce and BAB. They had to leave later in the day due to work, but figured that BAB would sleep most of the time. Not true. Sorry hun! I guess she screamed most of the time. BUT TJ and I had a great car trip and a nice day to have girly fun before the boys got there. We stopped at every, and I do mean EVERY rest area from here to there. It was so nice not to hear the boys complain about how many times we had to stop. We also stopped at a Mystery Spot. Decided it wasn't so mysterious after all. All in all the trip usually takes 6.5 hours. We made it in a timely manner of 10 HOURS! But we had fun. More later. To tired to type.......

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Memories of my Saving Grace

I was giddy as a school girl in the back seat if the car. We were going to get my dog. Later looking back was destined. I looked at all the puppies wiggling around. They were part Cocker Spaniel and Lab. Some looked like a Lab and some were more like a Spaniel. I picked one that was spunky and wild. She was a wiggly in my arms as I took her to my car. I let her down and she immediately ran back to the barn. I turned around frowning and saw another little wiggler. She was coming up to me with tail wagging and mouth smiling as only a dog can. I new she was mine. She picked me. And I fell in love with her immediately. She slept with me every night. I would wake up with no blankets because she had made her little nest of them down at the end. I would let her be and freeze my buns off because I didn't want to disturb her. She was spoiled. She was mine.

My childhood and teen years were filled with tears and pain. She was always there for me. She would lick my tears and stay by me. She was my companion to which I told my darkest secrets. She just listened with out judging me. She never once made me feel terrible for my mistakes. Whenever I got mad at her she always loved me back anyways. She never held a grudge.
She was always happy to see me after school. I would pretend I was sick just to come home and be with her. She always made me feel better. She had this way of putting her muzzle under my chin. It was her way of hugging me. She would lean into me and put her muzzle in my neck. We would sit and watch TV or movies like that.

Years later my future husband started coming around. When new people would come around it would take her weeks sometimes to decide if she liked them. When my future husband started caming around she went and sat on his lap immediately as if to say '"This is the one I know it". She was right. He was and always will be.

We married and moved out of state and could not bring her. I was gone a year and missed her terribly. When we finally moved back she came to live with us. Because of Pilot's work making him be gone alot of nights she became very protective of me. She always stood by me when strangers came by. She would always read my body language. She new when I wasn't comfortable. She would sit in front of me always touching me to make sure I was ok. I think she knew I'd sit there forever talking and didn't want me to leave with out her! One time I got really sick while Pilot was gone. She never left my side Except to run out and pee. We spent 2 days like that until I fianlly called my mom. When she came to pick me up she was pretty excited. She knew help was there. My parents took me back to there house with Sammy. She still did not leave my side. Everytime I moved she would wake from a dead sleep and look anxiously at me. I finally started feeling better and she finally started leaving me a little bit at a time. I knew she was my angel.

When I was having problems with infertility she was always there. She listened to my woes and always made me feel loved. I would cry into her shoulder while she waited for me to finish. Again she never judged me for the horrible things I said. She loved me as I was. I didn't have to be in a good mood or pretend like I cared about anybody but myself. She just simply loved me. She had started having seizures when I was in highschool. The vet said there wasn't much we could do. She only had them a few times a year. I cried for hours after the first one. I thought she was dieing. I eventually got used to them. One day she started falling down and panting alot. I think that she had a stroke. She must have had several in a 2 day span. We thought she was dieing. Pilot had to carry her out to potty and carry her back in. He put a little bed together on our bed for the night because I did not think she was going to make it that night. She hadn't ate in 2 days or drank. I gave her a asprin in a turkey roll which she actually took for me. I walked out of the room to do something quick about a half hour later, before I went to bed. She slid of the side and waltzed right on passed Pilot and I like she had been walking for days. She seemed to say "HA think you could get rid of me!" Pilot and I just stared in disbelief. Years later the same think happened. But again she made it through. Tough old bird she was. She had also devolped arthritis any years ago. She could hardly make it up our steps anymore.

She turned 14 years old on Feb. 11, 2007. We thought she would live forever. She had stopped eating her hard dog food. I was buying her canned dog food just so she would eat. One day she just stopped eating all together. She did not seem to be suffering and I could not take her to her death. We waited for a sign but one never came. She died on June 29, 2007.

Looking back she had stopped eating about a month after I found out I was pregnant. She was ready to leave this world now that she new I was through my worst. She knew it would be alright for me from here on out. She suffered through arthritis and strokes for many a year for me. She knew the right time to leave me.
She got me through the toughest parts of my life. I will never forget you Sammy. You were my angel in doggy form. I will always love you.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some complex math

7am+ One hungry whiny 4 yr.old nephew + one screaming hungry 14 month old + one crying hungry 19 month old nephew + one hungry blood sugar dropping by the second pregnant mom/aunt = mini meltdown

Luckily I contained it to the kitchen that was gated and nobody could see. Or so I hope.

One hour later and several screams and mini meltdowns from the kids as well they all had food int here bellies and were acting a little better. 2 Hours later The Wide Eyed Wonder (4yr. old nephew) was still eating his toast. After many very patients 'recommendations' from Auntie he finally finished. Now it is time for BAB's first nap! YAY!!!!!!!!

To new levels

Just when I thought BAB's screeching couldn't get to a higher pitch....... It did. yay...........

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

God on the Pilot

I was having a very bad day on Friday. I was starting timeouts with BAB. Not a good idea to do alone! I think Pilot called me 3 times. Once to tell me he wasn't coming home until late. I cried. The next to see how I was doing. I cried again. The last time to say he was at the airport and headed home. I cried....again. When he got home he came in with flowers (my favorite kind) and a card. I cried........again. :)

Why won't she sleep?

BAB was half asleep in her carseat at 1:15pm. She is now in her crib talking still an hour later. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? She has not taken a nap today!

Friday, August 3, 2007

What we have here fellas is an over protective dog.........

Ok not really, but she is getting pretty protective. I do have to admit that I like it. I wanted a dog that was gonna protect me from the random solicitors that come to my door at 7:30 in the morning. Why? People, why? Do they think a person is going to be happy to see a random person trying to wield their religion in your face at 7:30 in the AM? OY! Sorry rabbit trail. So anyway, I was "resting" on my couch the other day and Pilot leaned down to hear me better and instead got a very loud bark to the ear. Sheila had been in a dead sleep at the end of the couch the instant before and was now between Pilot and I looking very stern. I'm not sure how a dog could pull that sort of look off....... but she did. Then a few moments later he bent down to give me a kiss and got a growling muzzle instead. He He He. She works for me. I love it! Also she wasn't very happy that Pilots cousin was on all fours playing with BAB. She kept getting in between them and growling ever so lightly. I guess I will have to keep that in mind when company comes over next.

If you find my sanity please let me know!

OK, this is how my day started.

Me (dead sleep)- Snorrrrrre
Pilot *in loud whisper*- Hun! Where is my shaving cream?
Me- mmmmm mmmmm
Pilot- What?
Me *making a swirling motion with hand*- MMMMM mmmmMMMM
Pilot- My shaving cream, where is it?
Me - Toilet
Pilot- The toilet?
Pilot- Why do you hate me?
Me *giving him the severest stink eye I could muster.* Why would I know where his shaving cream is? It just so happened that I did, but the fact remains I am not the keeper of his shaving cream!

After that BAB woke up screaming. Which is always nice to hear. Sheila is licking my face. And I am trying desperately to get a 50 lb dog off of me unbeknowst to my very carinf husband who is walking back out of the door. After all are fed and I have taken a shower I hear Pilot talking to someone on the phone.

Pilot- I can't come help you I have to work.
Me - *Starting to tear up because I was so looking forward to having a day to myself. * I didn't know you were working today?
Pilot- Yeah, didn't you hear work call last night?
Me- NO!!

So I called my mom and begged her to take BAB for the day. She obliged. I went shopping. I went to babies' r' us to register and then on to the mall. It was sooooooo nice!

I would also like to take a moment to commend all the single mothers out there. (and fathers) I am home with BAB for a little over half the week. It is the hardest thing ever. Being the sole responsible person for a child is totally over whelming. It is amazing that these people survive raising kids on their own. I only have one and I am drowning! Now I wouldn't go so far as to say that BAB is special needs, but she does have a few issues. She has acid reflux which means a special diet. And she has a few emotional issues steming from her biomother. Which at this age can not be diagnosed, but are still there. We will probably have issues with her for the rest of her life. This all is so draining and stressful. Kids of divorced or single parents otherwise I'm sure have a lot of issues just the same. You all get kudos from me.