Monday, August 11, 2008

baby got your tail?

Isn't that how it goes? Oh yeah, cat got your tongue.... I don't think LP got the memo. I put LP in my bed to change her and get her ready for bed. I left her there while I hunted down some PJs. The cat, who is pretty docile with the babies unless they make a loud noise or pull her hair, was laying about a foot away from her. She lets them get close to her, but if the make afore mentioned offenses she will slowly walk away so they don't think she is leaving because of them yet just fast enough that they can't get her. Anyway, I came back to find the cat stretched out by LP. LP had the cats tail in her mouth sucking on it. After I gagged I took a picture. I couldn't help it. Then I took the tail out of her mouth and fished out the small hair ball left. Gagged again and put her pajamas on.

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