Friday, February 20, 2009

The Croup

Well the babies had croup this last weekend. LM got it first. If you have ever had a baby with croup you know how awful it is. They can't breath. They feel awful. It is just not the common cold for sure. But we all survived. We even survived the steroids prescribed to get the inflammation of the throat down. If you have ever had a kid on steroids for asthma or anything you know how awful that is too! They want to crawl out of there skin I think! Poor babies! The rest of us got the 'big kid' version of it as well. BAB is still coughing, but seems to be feeling better as well. And Pilot and I well, we just don't count I think!

I will leave you with this funny story- They have recently redid the road down by the local Walmart to add a middle lane. I have not been down that way since they have redid it. Mostly because it is a little out of town and I don't go that way. I had to buy a humidifier for the babies on Saturday after my mom and I sat in Urgent care for 2 hours while they tortured my daughter. (another story....) I successfully got the humidifier and was headed out of the parking lot. I pulled out and realized I had gone to far and was on the shoulder so I got back in the correct lane. I am driving along and look behind me. I see all the cars are driving on the shoulder. I was like what are they doing? And then it dawned on me. I WAS DRIVING IN THE NEW MIDDLE LANE! It was the old right lane and now the middle lane! The new right lane was a new pavent and a different color. It also did not have a white line indicating it was actually a lane and not a shoulder! OY! My mom and I had a pretty good laugh at that. Which we needed at the time!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A mile a minute

Two out of three of mt kids are on oral and nebulizer steroids. They are running around a mile a mile a minute. More later. Must wrangle children.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook Fun

The other night I was sitting at my computer while Pilot was sitting at his. I know-LAME-O! What can I say we are an old married couple with 3 kids. Anyway, I happen to click on Facebook to see what was new. I heard the pop noise that indicates I have a instant message. I look down and it is Pilot..... across the room..... So I right something stupid back. We went back and forth a couple of times then this pops up-


I look over at him with a weird look.




Another weird look.




poppity pop pop

pop a doddle do

Q: what's your favorite beverage ?

A: pop

Q: what comes in an aluminum can and has lots of Fizz in it?

A: Pop



I might mention also that Pilot is giggling over in the corner. GIGGLING! Like a school girl. My husband keeps me laughing. What can I say!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loving it!

I officially love Salam Hayek. This is why. I agree with the blogger quoted in the article- Salma left breast has done more for humanity in a few minutes then I have done in my life time. You go Salma Hayek!

The Good news and the Bad News

It seems as though BAB's adoption is through!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is ours officially/unofficially. We have her on our insurance and everything!!! I'm so glad that it is finally over. However, the court will not do a hearing to finalize. They said as an unofficial quote since I did not talk to her on the phone, Pilot did, ' We do not have time for adoptions in court we have more important things to do'. I was hot! But I have to take a deep breath and just be glad that she is basically ours. We can just have the judge sign the piece of paper, but it would be nice to have a hearing. Blah.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fresh air

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Can you smell the fresh air? Hee Hee. I opened a window! It is like 50 degrees out. But it is worth it! LOVE IT!


BAB is finally ours!!!!!!!! It has been over a year since rights were terminated and she was available for adoption. We have everything except we have to go to court to make it official. Now we have to wait for the court's to call us for a date. So again we wait........

Friday, February 6, 2009

sick babies

LP and LM are sick. Fever, runny nose, and other issues that I will spare you all! LM is pretty cute when she is sick actually. She is cuddly and warm. And she sleeps! YAY! LP is actually at her bio mom's house. We will see how she is when she gets back. I guess it is good for biomom to see what it is like to take care of a sick baby. Before LP left she was CRANKY! Not that I am blaming her. I would be too.

In other news, Pilot left today. He will be back Sunday. Short trip. That makes it nicer. It is harder on both of us when he is gone more then 3 nights. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I am about to pull my hair out and he is getting pretty lonely by then. Which is always intersting when he comes home. I want nothing but to get OUT! He wants nothing but to be with us! OY! The life of a pilot and his family!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day

Well he saw his shadow today. I personally am in denial. Although he always sees his shadow. I don't know why they have Groundhog's Day any more. It should be null and void. It just depresses us northern folk. By this time we are all sick of the snowing and blowing and the freaking cold. Then to hear 6 more weeks of winter! BAH!

In other news, my friend Casandra brought over gluten free cake today and it was really good! YUM! It helped my blah mood.

In other other news, Sheila found a new friend. yay....... Her name is Jody. She lives across my mom and dad's lake. We were over there eating dinner. And as always she follows us over and stands guard at the door. She comes in sometimes, but I don't think my dad likes it. Anyway, she was out and about sniffing the snow when Dutch and his friend from accross the lake. This was very interesting to watch. Sheila is a good doggy friend. Not so good with people. Hopefully Jody will not come over as often as Dutch. Jody was over once before. It was July 4th and she was scared of the fireworks. People were over at my house going in and out. All of a sudden she just comes on in the house like she owns the place. Like a good neighbor I called the number on the tag and they came and got her.

The Big Blah

I am feeling blah lately. I am so tired. I am feeling better and not having the queasies. So that is a plus. I am basically in that stage were I look fat and not pregnant. Makes me want to hide in the house. Blah.

Side note - I actually cleaned the house a little today. I'm a little surprised at myself. I really must be feeling better!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sundays at my house

Every Sunday we go to my mom and dad's for lunch and to hang out a little. But lately it is just getting to be to much. I have 3 kids 2 and under. And this may seem weird, but you actually have to go down 54 steps to get to my mom's house. Don't even try to picture it if you haven't ever seen it. Anyways, I have to take all the kids down. BAB used to go down her self but is in a stage of everybody does everything for me. And so she waits for somebody to get her. I have tried waiting her out. She sits on the snowy steps and screams until somebody finally gets her. Now my mom and dad help me. However, it is still such a pain in the butt. Then I have to drag them all back up. It doesn't really help that I am 3 months pregnant. And my mom's house isn't baby proof to the point that mine is. So I am always chasing the babies around making sure they don't fall down the steps or eat cat food. It is just stressful! So I asked everybody if we could do Sunday's at my house for a little while. At least until LP leaves and I don't have so much to think about. I am not sure if everybody is happy about this arrangement, but they agreed. I mean it is only for a couple of months! Have a little sympathy!