Monday, July 27, 2009

Looooooooooong week

Well today was the first day in a week that the kids and I did not have something going. Which means no family that doesn't get to see them but once a year and there fore 'must' spoil them. And no grandparents. And no more fun. Because mean mama is 10 months preggo and has had it with winey, bossy children. No you can not tell your sister what to day. No you can just do whatever you feel like. No you can't scream and somebody will take pity on you and pick you immediately. That went all day........ They went to bed early. They are lucky they didn't go to bed 30 minutes after they woke up. If I had to say stop wineing one more time today I thought I might have to bang my head against the wall. It was insanity! Did I also mention that Pilot is off riding a bike ALL day today. He gets to do something fun for him while I have to pick up the pieces that he let go while they were camping. UGH. Ok so I am a little irritated right now.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The garage clean!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Pilot cleaned it and did 'man things' while I sat in a comfy chair and pointed. It was fun. I'm not lazy really. I just can't lift heavy things while 9 months preggo! Which is a handy little excuse.

Tomorrow I am going to the fair so BAB can ride on rides. I am pretty sure LM will not be able to. Although she is tall for her age. At her 18month check up today she was in the 85th percentile for height. Which in my family is crazy. Pilot's family is tall though. She is going to pass me by the time she is 5 yrs old I'm sure. I am meeting my sister and her kids. My friend is camping there so we are meeting her there to hang out, eat fair food (which I'm sure she is sick of!!!), and ride the rides.

Pilot is taking the kids camping this weekend at his grandparents. They have a fifth wheel that is parked in the drive way. It is going to be a big family campout. I, however, am going to be going up for the day on Friday. I am NOT going to be sleeping in a camper bed. I am just not going to do that this summer. I will next summer I'm sure..... They leave tomorrow. I will have peace and quiet. I will not know what to do. Oh wait, I will sleep!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm not really sure what this means, but I just leaned over my porch and picked a weed. It was that tall. I am so sad! I love my flowers, but I just can't weed this summer!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My little adventure

So today I went to GG's house to have lunch. We went to Red Robbin. It was great. I hate the steak sliders and parm/garlic fries. YUMMO! All was going well. I had about 3 drinks (diet coke of course!) and we were sitting there talking about what to do. GG says well we could go see Harry potter. I was "ok, why not." So we head back to the theater. We get there and the movie starts at 12:30 and my clock says 12:35. We decided we would go anyways. So we go in and I say "Harry Potter please" He (very young and slightly attractive) says 12:30. (not like a question.) So I'm like thinking to myself 'Good Lord that is a lot for a movie.' So I start getting my purse for the money and GG says "yes, the 12:30 show." I was like 'Oh, duh' So I pay the guy 5 bucks and smile like an idiot. I go to the bathroom because I just drank 3 sodas and I know I will have to go another 3 times before the movie is over. GG goes to the bathroom as well and we look for the right theater. We find the one that says Harry Potter and walk in. Its already started so we start walking. Then the guy who already thinks I am an idiot scares the crap out of us and whispers behind us that we are in the wrong theater. That poor guy by now has lost all hope for womankind by now. I am sure of it. So he points us in the right direction and walks away snickering. I then have to go to the bathroom 3 more times during the movie and of course every time I panic that I am not going to walk into the same on again. But I do.
After the movie we head back to GG's house. I stop at a red light and wait for it to turn green. It does so and I start going. THEN I see a police motorcycle with its lights on RIGHT behind me. I was like "What did I do!!!!!?!?!?!?!? He comes to the window and asks "How are you ladies doing today?" I looked up at the nice respectable cop and say "Well, I was having a good day!". Then I gave him a BIG smile. He was a very nice cop and laughed. He asked me if I new if my tabs were expired if I just hadn't put them on. I said I didn't know because it was my husbands job. HAHAHA. He let me go though. He was a nice cop. After all that we are about to GG's house and there is contsruction going on. There is a whole lane missing and they are digging a deep deep dark hole instead. I am slowly going through and happen to look to my right and see 2 older gentleman parked in there hooverounds WATCHING the construction! Like it is the highlight of there poor little day! I could not help but laugh. I felt really bad for them, but it was soooo funny! So thus ending my little adventure with GG. I made it home safe and sound with no more incident. :)

The beach

We had fun! It was wonderful weather and the sun was out! We went to the big water. (Lake Michigan) and had a blast. BAB got so cold however that she had full body shivers for a half in hour. But she is a drama queen and of course the Aunties babied as per her wishes. They wrapped her in 3 towels and baked her in the sun. We all walked away with minor sunburns even after we applied sunscreen. I got some pretty funny looks with my big belly! It was a very fun day for sure. Of course the uncles played in the sand with them and buried each other.... The uncles that is. Boys.... they never grow up!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lots going on

Well, I found the outfits I bought to take to the hospital for the new baby. I couldn't find them anywhere. I finally went on a rampage and found them in a completely weird place. But I found them. YAY!!!! And I went to the mall to get a nice outfit for me to wear in the hospital. And then to get the various other small things I needed. SO I can finally pack my overnight bag. Have I yet? No....:)

I also need to stock up on diapers, wipes, blah, blah, blah. That can wait a couple more weeks though. Unless I go in labor early which I doubt. But one can hope!

I am going to the beach tomorrow. Yes, that is right.... At 9 months preggo I am going to the beach. I am going to wear my bathing suit and I don't care that my legs are hideously white (oh that reminds me I have to shave tonight) and cellulite. Ok, so I do. But I am not going to let that bring me down. Hopefully there will not be alot of people. And if there is well there won't be after I get there..... Heehee. I am going to be meeting my sisters in law and friends there. It will be fun. The kids are going to have LOTS of fun. I really want to ty and pack in as much as I can before the baby is born because once she is here it is done for me for the summer. So lots of pictures of the kids. Everybody is on strict orders to NOT take my picture. Unless I am behind a HUGE A$$ umbrella or in the water up to my neck. HAHA. Ok, there will be few exceptions..... a few....:)

I need to clean my van out for tomorrow. YUCK. Its really not that bad...... OK so it is. I need to vacuum and everything. But I am going to do it tonight and pack it all up so all we have to do is get dressed and go.

I got a new phone. YAY! My old one hasn't worked right since..... prolly a year ago. This one is purple. WOOT! And has a slide so I can text easier. WOOT! WOOT! Its awesome.

Ok so that is thee extent of my exciting week. HAHA. Ok so not really, but you get the idea....:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping is not for panty wastes

Well I made it through the day. AND I even had fun. It wasn't that bad. It wasn't hot for the most part. Or humid. My feet did swell, but not too bad. The kids were not bad for the most part either. But I am soooooooooo glad we are home. Camping is fine in small doses for now. Maybe more later. We'll see......

Against the rules

I am going to go against my better judgment and go the campground to have lunch. My sister and fam are their camping and my mom said we would go over there for lunch. I am not happy about it and yes, I know, I can so no. But then I would be spoiled and bratty.... So I am going. At 9 months preggo and 2 small kids to run after there better be some good food. I will prolly drive seperate so I can just go when I want. I am already the family nazi b****. So it really doesn't matter anymore. Last year I went with a 3 month old a 5 month old and a 2 year old. It was oure torture. I was at my wits end. Pilot was off biking so it was not as if I could just go. It was awful. I was hot. The kids were hot. The kids were naughty. BAB neeeded a nap and I was about ready to tape her to the bed. My sister was about ready to have a panic attack because she can't handle stress. It was just bad. I am scarred for life.

Now I just have to point out that I do NOT mind camping. When I have no more diapers to change and no more put-everything-in-my-mouthers then I will be HAPPY to go. Also not being pregnant would be another rule.

At least it is not going to be that hot today. Well, high of 70's which feels like 85 to me with my little build in heater. I would not even attempt it if it was any hotter. I just wouldn't. I'm kicking myself for saying I would go already.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

randomness again

Not too much exciting has gone on this week. I had a garage sale again. It was kind of a dud. But we had someone come in a couple hours before we closed and said she would buy the rest of the stuff as a lump sum. So we took her up on it. The garage sale was actually at a friends house. So I left all that up to her. So I am not really sure how that ended up. So I actually might have made a few dollars..... We will see.

I have 5 more weeks until my scheduled c section. I am sooooo ready now though. I was having mild contractions a few weeks ago, but they went away. Its a little too early for that anyways. In another week if I go into labor they will just do the c section. YAY!!! But I am not counting on it. I'm sure this baby will be the same as LM. Late. Oh well. I will live. Just like every other pregnant woman has before me.

I have my pregnany hives back in full force again. BUT I am taking the dandelion herbs and using Pine Tar soap..... again. It actually seems to be helping. I feel so pretty after using that soap. It remminds me off charcoal for some reason. It really makes me feel so feminine. NOT!!!!!

My feet are swelling.... Yuck.

The kids are doing well. They are loving being able to play outside. Pilot just made them a swing set. So they can swing and such. No slide yet. These kids are soooooooooo spoiled. We have a kiddie pool (complete with small slide to go in it), climbing play place with slide, another small slide, bubble mower, 3 balls, sprinkler lady bug, sprinkler ball (huge), another play house set, sand box, swing set, and a while 12 acres plus a lake to play on. AND they are bored! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And that is just the stuff outside.

BAB is putting everything in her mouth again. It is a constant battle. She is 3 YEARS OLD!!!!! Why do I have to tell my 3 yr old to stop putting random things in her mouth. I'm talking weird things here. Like wood chips and stones. But also everything inbetween. Plastic lizards, spoons(and I mean she chews on them randomly through out the day if she finds them), and general random toys that seem 'chewable'. And for some reason she thinks straws are for chewing. sigh.......

Why is it that a closed screen door is like a magnet for kids to run right into. My nephews ran into it at least twice each in a 10 minute time. That must be one strong screen door is all I got to say. And also next time I am going to set up a video camera. That was freaking hilarious stuff.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th

Well, we had friends. We had family. Now I want to slip into a very nice coma for about 24 hours. That should do it. Those pesky kids won't join me though....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scary Times at the B Ranch

LM has this thing were when she gets mad she will stop breathing. As in she will do that cry thing that babies do, but waits until she can only lay limp and do shallow breathes until she catches her breath. Well Pilot decided that she was going to sit in her chair and not stand while she was eatting. This made her really mad. And she did her thing. Well, she completely passed out. At this point I am panicing because I don't know if she passed out or if she had a peice of food stuck in her air way. So I start wacking her. Not sure wat happened but she started crying and I knew she was atleast breathing. She cried for a while and then we put her front of the TV and she forgot all about it. The TV(and before you get all 'ahhhh' about the TV, it was a baby DVD) is good for something I guess. Scariest moment so far this year.