Friday, May 23, 2008

ThE craZineSs coNtInuEs

Well, I was able to get away thanks to GG and TJ. I had a day to shop for clothes for Zoey and then I spent the night at a hotel with Pilot. That was very nice and rejuvenating. I got a bunch of clothes and toys for Zoey. Shopping therapy does wonders. I don't know what it is, but it works! I feel so much better that I can get stuff done around the house instead of sitting with a blank stare......

I had to take BAB to the doctor today when I got home. She had a cold. Which always turns into asthma problems. Always. So I went with BAB, LM, and LP. All of them. It was fantastic. Ok a little sarcasm never hurt anybody. Actually all of them behaved pretty good. LP was miffed because I woke her up, changed her diaper and her clothes..... and didn't feed her. So she pretty much cried the while way there. But we fixed it fast with a bottle. Long story short BAB has an ear infection and nasty cough due to drainage. I have 6 medicines for her. SIX! One- antibiotic, two- cough medicine, three- albuteral, four- pulmicort, five- zantac, six- singulair. Well she has been on the last 2 already. For Pete's sake. I feel like I am medicating the crap out of her! The good news is she is already feeling better. She hasn't been coughing like she was. And she is looking a little livelier.

In other news, LP may be leaving us. She may be going to live with a family member of hers. I don't like it. That is all I can say.

In other other news, we had to take LP to a cardio specialist. She has 2 holes in her heart. One will close, but the other will not. She will have to have surgery. They will not do it until she is 6 months unless she is having problems breathing. So we have a little while to go. She will be Ok until then.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Little Peanut Part Duex

If you have not had babies or are not familiar with babies this nay not be as funny to you.. Sorry.

LP seems to do everything in parts. Just when you think you have accomplished anything with her she does it again. For instance, 4 out of 5 times that I change her diaper she pees as soon as the diaper is off. So if the new diaper isn't there or the old diaper still then her outfit is wet. So you have to change it. If she poops I will wait as long as I can which is hard because she screams until I change her, she will poop as soon as you wipe her butt. Again, if the new diaper isn't there or the old one still your changing her outfit...again. This has been going on for awhile. The newest thing is spit up. She has acid relux so she tends to spit up..... alot. So today, she was fussing so I get her up change her diaper successfully with out a pee or poop incident mind you and she doesn't want to eat. She has to poop. So I leave her poop. She gets done and I change her....again...... and successfully. I sit her on her glider while I get her bottle around again. She spits up all over her outfit. All that careful planning during 2 diapar changes apparently for nothing. So I change her. I get the bottle sit down with LM at my side since she can't seem to leave my side anymore. I start feeding LP and she stops still for about 3 seconds. Then mount spit up errupts. LP and I am now covered from top to bottom even in our hair. So....... I change her again.