Monday, December 29, 2008


I am awake. I have been awake since 6am. Did the kids wake you up? You ask. NO! I am awake by my self. For no reason, but to annoy myself that I could have slept another hour. grrrrr.......

Friday, December 26, 2008

3 down 1 to go

I have made it through 3 Christmases. I am very proud of myself. I passed the fake "Whoville' smile on to everybody that I saw. I even ventured enough to say Merry Christmas and lived to tell about it. And NO I did not say Happy Holiday. I celebrate Christmas. And I want to say Merry Christmas. Also we happen to live in a community where there really isn't much diversity...... So the chances of offending someone are pretty slim.

Pilot found the grinch song "Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch" on youtube and told BAB that was 'mommy'. She kept asking to watch " 'mommy' on the 'puter". I have to admit it was kinda funny. Not to mention the cartoon The Grinch always makes me laugh. I don't know why..... I just do. I love the grinch!

The kids got a million toys. Which means a million old toys are going to be shoved out the door starting tomorrow. I will be donating most of them to the DHS for there 'family room'. I think they have toys in there from like the 1980's. I seriously think I recognize a doll that I had when I was a kid. yuck.

Pilot got me a kitchen aid knife set. He immediatley cut himself on one this morning. I knew I shouldn't have asked for them...... Also I got a dutch oven to replace the one he burnt previous. That made me very happy. I got Pilot a gift certificate to Caballa's (to which my dad and him have already made plans to go next week), a french press, and some lounge pants. He liked them all. BAB has been playing with the baby toys and LM and LP have been trying in ernst to get even a look at BAB's toys before she screams 'MINE' and the top of her lungs and runs right to her bedroom because she knows that she will go in time out. Oy. It has been a fun after Christmas day......

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the voices

Today I was on the phone with a friend. LM thinks she needs to say Hi to everybody so she immediately commanders it as soon as I put it down. Me being distracted by the computer ( I know great mom skills!) doesn't see this. All of a sudden I realize that LM took my phone and I have no idea where it is at. I text messaged me from my computer. Still didn't hear it. Looked through the trash since that is her latest trick. Still not there. I had my friend call me. Had my husband call me. Still I couldn't find it. I put LM to bed and kept searching. Then I thought what if it is in LM's room. So turned the monitor way up and listened for it to ring. Then the creepiest freakiest voice came through the monitor and I about peed my pants. Many thoughts went through my head at this point. 'OMG my house it haunted. The toys are haunted. My poor baby is in there.' And then realization dawned on me. It was the little bear in her crib saying the lord's prayer.... Hee hee.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I did it

This is what I here 100 times in 1 meal time. I have been trying to teach BAB a few age appropriate table manners. IE using silverware appropriately, chewing with her mouth closed, taking a small enough bite and chewing.... Every time she does one of these she raises her hands, rotates them and declares in this monotone even voice "I did it, I did it" Nothing exciting about this. She is just declaring to the mice apparently. Keeping it even as not to scare them.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

dry skin

My skin is SOOOOOOOOOO dry. I think it is going to peel off and find somebody with nicer skin. I have given up long hot showers. Which rarely happened anyways with the kids. I have bought the expensive lotions. I have started drinking more water. Taken vitamin E. My skin is just pissed. Its pissed! If I knew what I did to make it so mad I would fix it. I apologized for being a bad to earlier in life. I begged for its forgiveness, but alas, it hates me still. *sigh*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The grinch that had Christmas at her house

I had the Christmas here last night. It didn't go to bad. There were a few kids here, that will remain nameless, that I wanted to strangle. But all in all the adults behaved. That is always a plus. And believe me, that does not always happen either. I still remain grinchy. Even worse today. I put my game face on last night so as not to scare all the little happy people. It all built up and is now erupting. Sorry dear children of mine...

Also on a side note, I watched a movie called Goya's Ghost. NOT a happy movie. Very sad. And I actually think that I may be scarred for life by it. Don't watch it. Seriously. Don't.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree........

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. We had to elevate it on a table to circumvent all little hands from being naughty. So we have a huge table/tree in our house. I still have to decorate for Christmas. I am crazy enough to say that I would have a Christmas here this Friday. So much fun will ensue.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the latest and newest

I am officially sleeping through the night. YAY! Well, kinda. No babies wake me up. At least on a regular basis. I feel so much better. (Still grinchy....) I even started taking a vitamin or 2. Maybe by Christmas of next year I will be all caught up on sleep. :)

BAB is in a big girl bed. She even went to bed early that night because she was so excited to sleep in her new bed. She kicked us all out. Even grandma and grandpa! So far she hasn't done too bad with the getting up thing. I totally did the nanny 911 thing. She rocks.

We have heard word that LP will be going back. It is going to happen slowly. I, of course, am in denial. She will slowly be having longer and longer visits with biomom. Then eventually she will not be back. This apparently will be happening over the next 2 months. Maybe more. I am going to try to see LP after she is permanently with her biomom. I think that biomom would agree to it as well. (cross my fingers)

LM and LP are growing like crazy. I can't hardly call her the Little Peanut any more! But she will always be that to me. The funny thing is BAB has such short little legs (18 months pants and 3t tops) that she will be sharing her pants with LM here pretty soon! I keep telling her she is going to have to start sleeping upside down hanging from her toes so she can stretch out her legs. She just laughs and calls me silly. I on the other hand am slightly curious to see if it would work...... :)

Also I am really sick of bottles. As long as LP is with us we will have them. Well, unless she is here later then April I guess. Which I suppose anything is possible. The next trick is to get LM to not steal her bottle! I swear them 2 are like twins. They steal each others pacifiers and bottles all day. Then they laugh about it. If they could just learn to band together against BAB I think they might have something.

Well, that is all for now I suppose. Sorry I have now bored you with all the info on my kids. I can't help it. I don't get out much....