Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last night....

.......I was giving the babies their bath and doing there weekly primping and preening. Both the babies had cradle cap again so I was putting emoliant on their heads. I cut their finger nails and their toe nails. LP has in grown toe nails so was putting ointment on them. Cleaned their ears. After wards I got LP a bottle. Since the zantac doesn't help the spitting up, but seems to help the heartburn part I decided to try something different. Somebody told me to try probiotics and omega 369 oil in her bottle. So I bought the stuff and was putting her bottle together with all her stuff. It just kinda hit me at that moment that I was her mother. It doesn't matter that her birth certificate says otherwise. I take care of her. I love her. I am up with her when her acid reflux is bothering her. I look for answers when her acid reflux medicine isn't working. I clean her ears. I take care of her cradle cap. I cut her nails. I am her mother.

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