Sunday, August 10, 2008

The mean nap lady reigns

I apparently got this title back when I was watching WEW full time. I watched him from about 2 months until about 18 months. I am advocate that babies and toddlers do not get enough sleep. So I made sure WEW got his sleep. Well the title stayed as I acquired BAB and now my two babies. Although I have laxed somewhat......

Well...... It is 5 o clock and BAB is taking her second nap for the day and the babies are taking there 3rd. I am actually impressed with my self. Although I do have to say that BAB sleeping was a mistake. She was testing me awful at about 4ish and I had enough. So I said you need to go to your ni ni for some time out. The next thing I know she was sleeping. Oh well. I guess she needed it. I will wake her up soon though because I do not want her up all night. I just hope that the babies sleep tonight because they have slept so much today! I guess if they sleep they need it right?

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