Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BAB's visit

So BAB had a visit with her Biomom on Thursday. It was scary for me. But as I predicted it didn't even bother her. She does well in various situations when I have to leave her. She goes in the nursery well and if I have to drop her off somewhere for them to watch her. She is attached to us, but it doesn't bother her to be somewhere else. She doesn't mind it as long as she is getting attention and food. Which brings up the whole email triathalon with SW. I asked her to let the biomom know that I would appreciate her not feeding Winney to much. And also that she will scream and carry on if she sees food even though she is full. And as I've mentioned before she will eat until she pukes. So I went back and forth with the SW about this. She even said to me "oh you are so funny." I was like no I'm not funny this is serious I don't want to be up all night with a crying baby because she is sick! Of which I think she was offended, but she isn't the one that is going to be up with her. Biomom needs to learn this stuff to if she is going to try and get her back. Anyways, BAB did not seem to be effected with the visit. I am assuming she did not even recognize her biomom. It will be interesting to see how long she will have her act together to be able to have visits.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Its not just for senoir citizens anymore! Its for pregnant people! Ok I joined the gym. Because I am pregnant the health and wellness center at the hosptial I am delivering at I get free membership until delivery and 3 months after I am able to excersize. I thought that was pretty cool. So today I went to check it out. I walked "briskly" on the treadmill for a while. Then I got bored and decided to check out the pool. There happened to be a aquasize class about to start. I was like alright sign me up. It was pretty fun. And I'm sure if I wasn't in a pool I would have worked up a sweat. I was by far the youngest on there, but i didn't mind. I still looked good!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Two Things

I realized to things today. 1.) I never blogged the funny moments from the wedding. 2.) My other brother in law and sister in law do not have a moniker even though I have posted about them several times.

Okay number 2.) Their moniker will be Bruce and TJ. And they are owned by a very nice Kitty named Allis. (that is not a moniker......)

Number 1.)

Glamour Girl's dad (the bride's dad) was put in charge of hanging little pretty stars from the ceiling of the dance floor. Which he did so very nicely I might add with fishing thread. We kept making him do it even though he didn't want to. He was pretty good natured until we told him he had a whole other set to go. And then this was uttered - "This is sick and I don't want to do it." And he really did look sick! They whole gaggle of girl's making the nice reception hall pretty and pink about busted a gut.

During the rehearsal for the wedding the pastor was talking about putting your left hand out when your spouse to be puts the ring on. I turned to my MIL, whom I love to death, and said, "When Pilot and I got married I put out the wrong hand." She looked at me in all seriousness and said ,"Then you are not really married." I said "Oh great." In which she replied, "And your already knocked up!" I thought they were going to have to excuse the mother and sister in law of the groom from the rehearsal. We got that pew a shaken.

OH!!! And I had a young man whistle at me when I walked by! I had to look twice. I mean I"M PREGNANT and now people are whistling!

It sucks to be on the other side

A very good friend of mine had a miscarriage today. She has had a long road of infertility like me. She finally got pregnant with in vitro and lost the baby today. What sucks the most is that I'm on the other side this time. I remember how I felt when I was going through years of infertility and all these people kept getting 'pleasantly surprised'. I was so mad with jealousy. I can't describe how it feels to be going through what my friend is going through right now. If I could I would have a baby for her. I would do anything for her. But the worst part is- I'm on the other side now that I'm pregnant. Its the sad truth. I understand the hate and the jealousy the best, but I can not help her. I am the last person she wants to see. I understand. I do. I don't know why God chose this time for something like this to happen, but he always does it for a reason. My heart is breaking for her. I wonder where this is in the fair book. Why do I get to be pregnant and not her? Why do the druggies and otherwise bad parents continue to get pregnant on a whim when there are so many hurting infertile woman? Why? Why.........

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well, she is home. Sheila fits in reallt well here. BAB and her get on fabulously together. She comes to her name and is house broken. The previous owner 'taught' her to jump up on them, so we are aggressively trying to deter that since we don't like that. We also have to put her in a crate at night so she doesn't chew our shoes, but she doesn't really seem to mind. All in all she is a good little doggy!

My cats are pissed, but they will get over it. Hatshepsut, my grey cat, has already decided she likes her. Nefertiti, my white cat, is so pissed I haven't seen her since this morning. I hope she comes back. She can hold a grudge like nobody I know. Even me......

I am going to go to petco tomorrow to get a few needed items. I need some toys. I have none! Poor Sheila! We knotted up some socks, but she loked at them like ' a pathetic excuse'. Oh well I tried!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A New Dog

We are getting a new dog! She is an Australian Shepard. Her name is Sheila. We haven't decided whether to keep this name or not. She isn't quite one years old. I have been talking to the owner for a couple of days. We are going to meet her tomorrow to pick her up. I hope she fits in good with us. YAY!

No Visit

BAB did not have a visit with her biomom yesterday. I was glad. I'm still waiting to hear if there will be one next week. Blech. I was kinda glad she didn't have one. I didn't want her to see her biomom. I know it sounds bad, but I don't think that her biomom can keep her life together long enough to actually stick around. So in the long run I think it would be worse for BAB. Although at this point I don't think she would even recognize her biomom. Who knows.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

15 weeks

I am 15 weeks into my pregnancy. Starting Sunday I will be 16 weeks! I can't believe how fast it has gone! My baby is the size of a softball. Can you believe it! I can definietly tell I am getting bigger. To other people it just looks like I got a belly. I try to wear things that make me look pregnant and not fat! I felt the baby move about a week ago, but haven't since. It is really early for that and I assume that it just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. I prolly won't feel it again for a couple of weeks. But I did hear its heart beat again. I just can't tell you how that feels! Its amazing.

BAB may have a visit with biomom today. I have to wait until the SW calls me. I am interested in seeing if BAB will recognize her biomom since it has been awhile. I am going to try very hard to convince the SW to tell biomom NOT to feed and give her juice since both make her very sick. Last visit she did both. Which led do her being up all night with a belly ache and acid reflux. I'm prolly being an over protective mom. I can't help it!

But in the cute department her hair is long enough to put in a pony tail on top of her head. SO CUTE! I have to put a barrette in it so that it doesn't stick straight up!

In the not so cute department. She has discovered biting. NOT SO CUTE! She doesn't do it to really be mean. I am sure she doesn't understand it hurts others. It is more of a realease when she is over excited or when I tell her no. She is testing. yay..... So when she gets something I don't want her to I get down to her level and hold her hand away from the object saying 'mama said no.' Which inturn she has started pulling my hand to her mouth and biting. Obviously I don't let he now, but the first time it really hurt! Hopefully this will be a short phase!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

It finally happened

Someone rubbed my belly. Let me repeat that. Some. One. Rubbed. My. Belly. Ok number 1. I am not that big. First baby + only 15 weeks pregnant= Little belly. Most of what you see is a little flab that I have sticking out. So when she rubbed it, quite vigorously I might add, my fat kinda jiggled around a little. Which was quite embarrassing. A coworker at where my mom works did it. I was polite. But she was lucky she recovered her hand with out teeth marks. Number 2. Since when does a pregnant woman's stomach become public property. I mean I have never ever, ever rubbed a random persons stomach. Why do it now because there is a baby growing in it? OY! All was done in innocence I know, but still very frustrating.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

some addition

4 new molars+BAB= one crabby little baby

One crabby baby+One pregnant mommy=Dairy Queen drive thru

3 bathroom visits a night+insomnia= no sleep

babies heart beat on doppler+me listening=priceless

Camping round up

Can I just say that a bathroom 10 feet away from you at all times is not over rated. I regularaly thank God for my indoor bathroom since coming back home. That said BAB did really good camping. Aside from the peach dump cake incident that coincidentally someone (unbeknowst to me) fed her right before she went to bed and it gave her a bellyache that kept her up all night. Other then that she slept really good in the camper. We had alot of fun walking around and going to the beach. Pilot mountain biked enough to save a village while I biked enough to the bathrooms to save a country......

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


So we are going to attempt to go camping this weekend. I am actually feeling really good lately so that will help. Winney however has been fighting the sleep. So this will be interesting having her sleep in a different place. The only thing that is keeping me sane is that we are borrowing my sister's camper so I have a nice......... toilet!!!!!!!!!! Okay before you go ballistic on me about camping in all its great woodsy crap. I have done that. My dad and I backpacked a small strip on Lake Superior in the UP of Michigan. I lived on what was in the backpack on my back. I know what true camping is about. I am 13 weeks pregnant....... Peeing is a necessity... alot.. And squatting is not an option at this point. We will also be camping with a few extended family so I will have help with BAB. So that will be nice.

UPDATE- My mom has taken the vitamin B6 for a week now and no signs of genius yet. Still waiting.