Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emotional abuse

It happens. I witnessed it yesterday in the supermarket parking lot. I was walking in and heard a woman yelling in the next row over. She was verbally beratting this child that I could not see due to the cars. I couldn't help but hear every word she was saying since she was shouting so loud. "Shut up, I don't want to hear it. It was your fault to. You were hurting him too. You need to be nice." And that was the clean version. She used some nasty language and was saying it in a very cruel way. The farther I got down the way I was starting to get really steamed up. As I got to the end and she was parralel to me I had decided I was going to say something too her. I was alone and if she tried to harm me physically there was about 20 people watching her already. And words do not bother me. I looked over to see the child and she was merely 3 years old. She had on a ratty old white shirt that was ripped and barely on and a nasty dirty pair of shorts. Her red hair was just a snarly fro on her head. She didn't even look like she was even there. She was a hollow shell running beside her irate mother. I almost choked on a sob. Just as I was going to open my mouth someone from behind her yelled "Maybe you should be nice to her then." She looked around to see who yelled at her. When her eyes met mine I said " I didn't say it, but I sure wish I had." She just looked ahead and walked faster. Tears came to me eyes as I watched that poor little girl barely able to keep up with her mom. I sent up many prayers for that girl and still do. Its people like that mother that make me sick. There are people out there hurting so badly to have a baby. She makes me sick. I can't help but think what she does in the privacy of her home that she would do this outrage in public. Its sick. Just sick.

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