Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scary Times at the B Ranch

LM has this thing were when she gets mad she will stop breathing. As in she will do that cry thing that babies do, but waits until she can only lay limp and do shallow breathes until she catches her breath. Well Pilot decided that she was going to sit in her chair and not stand while she was eatting. This made her really mad. And she did her thing. Well, she completely passed out. At this point I am panicing because I don't know if she passed out or if she had a peice of food stuck in her air way. So I start wacking her. Not sure wat happened but she started crying and I knew she was atleast breathing. She cried for a while and then we put her front of the TV and she forgot all about it. The TV(and before you get all 'ahhhh' about the TV, it was a baby DVD) is good for something I guess. Scariest moment so far this year.

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