Monday, July 20, 2009

My little adventure

So today I went to GG's house to have lunch. We went to Red Robbin. It was great. I hate the steak sliders and parm/garlic fries. YUMMO! All was going well. I had about 3 drinks (diet coke of course!) and we were sitting there talking about what to do. GG says well we could go see Harry potter. I was "ok, why not." So we head back to the theater. We get there and the movie starts at 12:30 and my clock says 12:35. We decided we would go anyways. So we go in and I say "Harry Potter please" He (very young and slightly attractive) says 12:30. (not like a question.) So I'm like thinking to myself 'Good Lord that is a lot for a movie.' So I start getting my purse for the money and GG says "yes, the 12:30 show." I was like 'Oh, duh' So I pay the guy 5 bucks and smile like an idiot. I go to the bathroom because I just drank 3 sodas and I know I will have to go another 3 times before the movie is over. GG goes to the bathroom as well and we look for the right theater. We find the one that says Harry Potter and walk in. Its already started so we start walking. Then the guy who already thinks I am an idiot scares the crap out of us and whispers behind us that we are in the wrong theater. That poor guy by now has lost all hope for womankind by now. I am sure of it. So he points us in the right direction and walks away snickering. I then have to go to the bathroom 3 more times during the movie and of course every time I panic that I am not going to walk into the same on again. But I do.
After the movie we head back to GG's house. I stop at a red light and wait for it to turn green. It does so and I start going. THEN I see a police motorcycle with its lights on RIGHT behind me. I was like "What did I do!!!!!?!?!?!?!? He comes to the window and asks "How are you ladies doing today?" I looked up at the nice respectable cop and say "Well, I was having a good day!". Then I gave him a BIG smile. He was a very nice cop and laughed. He asked me if I new if my tabs were expired if I just hadn't put them on. I said I didn't know because it was my husbands job. HAHAHA. He let me go though. He was a nice cop. After all that we are about to GG's house and there is contsruction going on. There is a whole lane missing and they are digging a deep deep dark hole instead. I am slowly going through and happen to look to my right and see 2 older gentleman parked in there hooverounds WATCHING the construction! Like it is the highlight of there poor little day! I could not help but laugh. I felt really bad for them, but it was soooo funny! So thus ending my little adventure with GG. I made it home safe and sound with no more incident. :)

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