Sunday, July 12, 2009

Against the rules

I am going to go against my better judgment and go the campground to have lunch. My sister and fam are their camping and my mom said we would go over there for lunch. I am not happy about it and yes, I know, I can so no. But then I would be spoiled and bratty.... So I am going. At 9 months preggo and 2 small kids to run after there better be some good food. I will prolly drive seperate so I can just go when I want. I am already the family nazi b****. So it really doesn't matter anymore. Last year I went with a 3 month old a 5 month old and a 2 year old. It was oure torture. I was at my wits end. Pilot was off biking so it was not as if I could just go. It was awful. I was hot. The kids were hot. The kids were naughty. BAB neeeded a nap and I was about ready to tape her to the bed. My sister was about ready to have a panic attack because she can't handle stress. It was just bad. I am scarred for life.

Now I just have to point out that I do NOT mind camping. When I have no more diapers to change and no more put-everything-in-my-mouthers then I will be HAPPY to go. Also not being pregnant would be another rule.

At least it is not going to be that hot today. Well, high of 70's which feels like 85 to me with my little build in heater. I would not even attempt it if it was any hotter. I just wouldn't. I'm kicking myself for saying I would go already.

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