Saturday, July 11, 2009

randomness again

Not too much exciting has gone on this week. I had a garage sale again. It was kind of a dud. But we had someone come in a couple hours before we closed and said she would buy the rest of the stuff as a lump sum. So we took her up on it. The garage sale was actually at a friends house. So I left all that up to her. So I am not really sure how that ended up. So I actually might have made a few dollars..... We will see.

I have 5 more weeks until my scheduled c section. I am sooooo ready now though. I was having mild contractions a few weeks ago, but they went away. Its a little too early for that anyways. In another week if I go into labor they will just do the c section. YAY!!! But I am not counting on it. I'm sure this baby will be the same as LM. Late. Oh well. I will live. Just like every other pregnant woman has before me.

I have my pregnany hives back in full force again. BUT I am taking the dandelion herbs and using Pine Tar soap..... again. It actually seems to be helping. I feel so pretty after using that soap. It remminds me off charcoal for some reason. It really makes me feel so feminine. NOT!!!!!

My feet are swelling.... Yuck.

The kids are doing well. They are loving being able to play outside. Pilot just made them a swing set. So they can swing and such. No slide yet. These kids are soooooooooo spoiled. We have a kiddie pool (complete with small slide to go in it), climbing play place with slide, another small slide, bubble mower, 3 balls, sprinkler lady bug, sprinkler ball (huge), another play house set, sand box, swing set, and a while 12 acres plus a lake to play on. AND they are bored! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And that is just the stuff outside.

BAB is putting everything in her mouth again. It is a constant battle. She is 3 YEARS OLD!!!!! Why do I have to tell my 3 yr old to stop putting random things in her mouth. I'm talking weird things here. Like wood chips and stones. But also everything inbetween. Plastic lizards, spoons(and I mean she chews on them randomly through out the day if she finds them), and general random toys that seem 'chewable'. And for some reason she thinks straws are for chewing. sigh.......

Why is it that a closed screen door is like a magnet for kids to run right into. My nephews ran into it at least twice each in a 10 minute time. That must be one strong screen door is all I got to say. And also next time I am going to set up a video camera. That was freaking hilarious stuff.

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