Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The garage clean!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Pilot cleaned it and did 'man things' while I sat in a comfy chair and pointed. It was fun. I'm not lazy really. I just can't lift heavy things while 9 months preggo! Which is a handy little excuse.

Tomorrow I am going to the fair so BAB can ride on rides. I am pretty sure LM will not be able to. Although she is tall for her age. At her 18month check up today she was in the 85th percentile for height. Which in my family is crazy. Pilot's family is tall though. She is going to pass me by the time she is 5 yrs old I'm sure. I am meeting my sister and her kids. My friend is camping there so we are meeting her there to hang out, eat fair food (which I'm sure she is sick of!!!), and ride the rides.

Pilot is taking the kids camping this weekend at his grandparents. They have a fifth wheel that is parked in the drive way. It is going to be a big family campout. I, however, am going to be going up for the day on Friday. I am NOT going to be sleeping in a camper bed. I am just not going to do that this summer. I will next summer I'm sure..... They leave tomorrow. I will have peace and quiet. I will not know what to do. Oh wait, I will sleep!

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