Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have been having cravings this pregnancy. I never really did with LM. I have been craving sweet, salty, cakey, crunchy, spicey, greasy (which always gets me in trouble), and just plain weird food. SO far no combination of weird food. One minute I want nothing to do with a food and then the next I have to have it. Weird.

In other news, Pilot is gone. He was home last night but left around 1:30pm today. I miss him this time. I know that sounds bad. I miss him in general when he is gone. But for some reason I really miss him this time around. He is such a pain in the butt sometimes. But he really loves me and I love him. Some might say we deserve each other. Mostly because we are both pains in the butt. I would never admit that......

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