Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The SW is leaving and a new one is taking over the case. I have never directly worked with him before. However I have seen him in the office and have a friend who works with him now so I know what he looks like. I happened to see him in a parking lot the other day with another social worker that I happen to know as well. I waved at them and they waved back. The new social worker looking slightly like "crazy lady waving at 3 o'clock. Just wave so she leaves us alone." So I emailed him and said it was me that waved at him and not some crazy lady as he probably meets some um.... interesting people in his field of work. This is a direct quote from his email.

"No, my part of the conversation with (other social worker I know) was, "Look, that lady is waving at us. She looks really familiar." My interpretation of (other social worker I know)'s reply is, "That's Leslie (last name deleted), you idiot. You've seen her in the office a million times." Then I said, "Oh, yeah. I do know her."

I think I am going to get along just nice with the new SW.

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