Saturday, January 3, 2009

BAB's funnies

I'd like to take a minute to tell a few stories about BAB. Keep in mind that she is 2.

Today we over to my mom's to eat lunch. This is a tricky time for my kids because it seems that after lunch it is nap time. We were doing ok though. Except for BAB's incessant talking while we were eating. Now I usually tell her to eat her food 20 times during lunch so that I can eat in peace most of the time. Instead I let her go. My mom was 'listening'. I wanted to see how long it took her to loose it. Eventually she told BAB that she better stop talking and eat her food. Well this lasted about a minute. Not very long. So I looked over at her and said "BAB please stop talking to Grandma and eat your food." She then leaned over her food and whispered, "I'll talk to my self." and then continued to babble quietly to herself. My mom and I were stifling giggles under our breathe by this time.

Earlier that day we were getting ready to go to my mom's house. I told her to get her boots and coat on. So she sits on the floor and places the boot on top of her foot and gives it a couple of waps. I was busy getting the babies ready at this point. So I turned to her and said "BAB, I know you can put your boots on. Please put them on." and I was nice about it...... By the time I got the babies around she still was diddling with her boots. So I said "ok, I guess you can stay here." Of course the crying insued, but I did not hear as I went out the door with baby number 1. I came back in and she magically had her boots on AND buckled with her coat on. Hmmmmm....... I thought 2 year olds were supposed to want to do things on there own? If I would do everything for her like a baby still she would let me. This I don't understand. OY!

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