Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sundays at my house

Every Sunday we go to my mom and dad's for lunch and to hang out a little. But lately it is just getting to be to much. I have 3 kids 2 and under. And this may seem weird, but you actually have to go down 54 steps to get to my mom's house. Don't even try to picture it if you haven't ever seen it. Anyways, I have to take all the kids down. BAB used to go down her self but is in a stage of everybody does everything for me. And so she waits for somebody to get her. I have tried waiting her out. She sits on the snowy steps and screams until somebody finally gets her. Now my mom and dad help me. However, it is still such a pain in the butt. Then I have to drag them all back up. It doesn't really help that I am 3 months pregnant. And my mom's house isn't baby proof to the point that mine is. So I am always chasing the babies around making sure they don't fall down the steps or eat cat food. It is just stressful! So I asked everybody if we could do Sunday's at my house for a little while. At least until LP leaves and I don't have so much to think about. I am not sure if everybody is happy about this arrangement, but they agreed. I mean it is only for a couple of months! Have a little sympathy!

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