Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mexico accident

Sometimes Pilot goes to Mexico for his work overnights. He doesn't like it. I mean they don't go to the nice resorty places. They go to little known places in the middle of nowhere. An unmarked car picks them up and takes them to a hotel. Hardly anybody speaks english. Its just not conformable. I have never been to Mexico, but have been to 3rd world countries many a time. I know that traffic is awful in usually. There is no rules. Stopping is optional, if you want to pass you just go no matter what, if you are the biggest car then you have the right of way, and nobody wheres seat belts. It is just plain crazy. So when I heard a crew was in a bad accident down there it was not a surprise. Then Pilot told me that one of them was someone that commuted from the same airport as him and I knew him. Then it was really sad. I guess someone rearended the hotel car/van and none of them where wearing seatbelts. He flew up to the roof, fell on the FA and then on the floor. He ruptured a couple discs in his back and was in extreme pain. Everybody else was ok though. I'm assuming scrapes and bruises though for them. He is back home safe and sound. Poor guy! Get well!

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