Friday, August 3, 2007

If you find my sanity please let me know!

OK, this is how my day started.

Me (dead sleep)- Snorrrrrre
Pilot *in loud whisper*- Hun! Where is my shaving cream?
Me- mmmmm mmmmm
Pilot- What?
Me *making a swirling motion with hand*- MMMMM mmmmMMMM
Pilot- My shaving cream, where is it?
Me - Toilet
Pilot- The toilet?
Pilot- Why do you hate me?
Me *giving him the severest stink eye I could muster.* Why would I know where his shaving cream is? It just so happened that I did, but the fact remains I am not the keeper of his shaving cream!

After that BAB woke up screaming. Which is always nice to hear. Sheila is licking my face. And I am trying desperately to get a 50 lb dog off of me unbeknowst to my very carinf husband who is walking back out of the door. After all are fed and I have taken a shower I hear Pilot talking to someone on the phone.

Pilot- I can't come help you I have to work.
Me - *Starting to tear up because I was so looking forward to having a day to myself. * I didn't know you were working today?
Pilot- Yeah, didn't you hear work call last night?
Me- NO!!

So I called my mom and begged her to take BAB for the day. She obliged. I went shopping. I went to babies' r' us to register and then on to the mall. It was sooooooo nice!

I would also like to take a moment to commend all the single mothers out there. (and fathers) I am home with BAB for a little over half the week. It is the hardest thing ever. Being the sole responsible person for a child is totally over whelming. It is amazing that these people survive raising kids on their own. I only have one and I am drowning! Now I wouldn't go so far as to say that BAB is special needs, but she does have a few issues. She has acid reflux which means a special diet. And she has a few emotional issues steming from her biomother. Which at this age can not be diagnosed, but are still there. We will probably have issues with her for the rest of her life. This all is so draining and stressful. Kids of divorced or single parents otherwise I'm sure have a lot of issues just the same. You all get kudos from me.

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