Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm back

Well, we took a long weekend to my MIL houses. There was going to be a wedding for Pilot's cousin. The thing is my MIL lives 7 hours away. ARGHHHHH! So my loving husband let me go up early with TJ and he left a day later with Bruce and BAB. They had to leave later in the day due to work, but figured that BAB would sleep most of the time. Not true. Sorry hun! I guess she screamed most of the time. BUT TJ and I had a great car trip and a nice day to have girly fun before the boys got there. We stopped at every, and I do mean EVERY rest area from here to there. It was so nice not to hear the boys complain about how many times we had to stop. We also stopped at a Mystery Spot. Decided it wasn't so mysterious after all. All in all the trip usually takes 6.5 hours. We made it in a timely manner of 10 HOURS! But we had fun. More later. To tired to type.......

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