Friday, August 3, 2007

What we have here fellas is an over protective dog.........

Ok not really, but she is getting pretty protective. I do have to admit that I like it. I wanted a dog that was gonna protect me from the random solicitors that come to my door at 7:30 in the morning. Why? People, why? Do they think a person is going to be happy to see a random person trying to wield their religion in your face at 7:30 in the AM? OY! Sorry rabbit trail. So anyway, I was "resting" on my couch the other day and Pilot leaned down to hear me better and instead got a very loud bark to the ear. Sheila had been in a dead sleep at the end of the couch the instant before and was now between Pilot and I looking very stern. I'm not sure how a dog could pull that sort of look off....... but she did. Then a few moments later he bent down to give me a kiss and got a growling muzzle instead. He He He. She works for me. I love it! Also she wasn't very happy that Pilots cousin was on all fours playing with BAB. She kept getting in between them and growling ever so lightly. I guess I will have to keep that in mind when company comes over next.

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