Tuesday, August 7, 2007

God on the Pilot

I was having a very bad day on Friday. I was starting timeouts with BAB. Not a good idea to do alone! I think Pilot called me 3 times. Once to tell me he wasn't coming home until late. I cried. The next to see how I was doing. I cried again. The last time to say he was at the airport and headed home. I cried....again. When he got home he came in with flowers (my favorite kind) and a card. I cried........again. :)

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Kelly said...

I completely understand this. Poor R, I am sure he cringes at work when his cell phone rings and it is our home phone. he knows it is me asking "when are you coming home?" No matter what his answer is, my response is "THAT'S NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!!" our foster sons are doing much better than when they first came here, but still, by three in the afternoon I am so ready for a break. to do important things like go to the bathroom. or drink a cup of coffee. or something very extravagant like take an uninterupted shower.