Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girls road trip

So TJ and I left 6.5 turned 10 hour trip to the MIL's house. I had a very busy morning taking Sheila to my grandparents to dog sit. Taking BAB to my sisiter's house to baby sit. Go make sure the cat's are alright at my mom's house since she is on vacation as well. Pick up snacks for trip. Then I had to stop by the house again because I realized I didn't leave the garage door open so the cat's could eat!

So I get this all done and head over to TJ's house. We pack up and get the crap out of there. YAY! As per tradition some really weird things happened on the trip.

Number 1 weird thing- Now to set this up if you are Pilot and his brother's you would say everyday 'you can't mow concrete'.we say a man 'mowing concrete'. Which TJ and I are tremedulously sick of hearing this. We don't know what it means and personally I don't think they do either. So while we were driving along we saw a guy actually mowing concrete! This was hilarious to TJ and I. We almost stopped the car and asked for a signed statement from the guy. Lucky for him we didn't.

Number 2 weird thing- We are driving along a major interstate and another interstate dumps into us. We are absolutley shocked at this guy with a camper and big truck because he is not getting out of the way of the incoming traffic. So we go around him on the left anyways. We are so busy ragging on the guy that we didn't notice our lane ended in like 5 feet! All of a sudden I'm shouting at TJ who is driving at the time "you lane is ending!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your lane is ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!" To which we both peed our pants and started screaming like girls. We fortunately made it unbeknowst to the smart trucker camper guy.......

Number 3 weird thing- Ok I'm not sure if this is really weird, but it is worth saying. On all road trips concerning TJ and I conversation ceases to exist when the song supercalafradgilistic comes on. And that is all I will say about that.

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