Monday, July 23, 2007

Two Things

I realized to things today. 1.) I never blogged the funny moments from the wedding. 2.) My other brother in law and sister in law do not have a moniker even though I have posted about them several times.

Okay number 2.) Their moniker will be Bruce and TJ. And they are owned by a very nice Kitty named Allis. (that is not a moniker......)

Number 1.)

Glamour Girl's dad (the bride's dad) was put in charge of hanging little pretty stars from the ceiling of the dance floor. Which he did so very nicely I might add with fishing thread. We kept making him do it even though he didn't want to. He was pretty good natured until we told him he had a whole other set to go. And then this was uttered - "This is sick and I don't want to do it." And he really did look sick! They whole gaggle of girl's making the nice reception hall pretty and pink about busted a gut.

During the rehearsal for the wedding the pastor was talking about putting your left hand out when your spouse to be puts the ring on. I turned to my MIL, whom I love to death, and said, "When Pilot and I got married I put out the wrong hand." She looked at me in all seriousness and said ,"Then you are not really married." I said "Oh great." In which she replied, "And your already knocked up!" I thought they were going to have to excuse the mother and sister in law of the groom from the rehearsal. We got that pew a shaken.

OH!!! And I had a young man whistle at me when I walked by! I had to look twice. I mean I"M PREGNANT and now people are whistling!

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