Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well, she is home. Sheila fits in reallt well here. BAB and her get on fabulously together. She comes to her name and is house broken. The previous owner 'taught' her to jump up on them, so we are aggressively trying to deter that since we don't like that. We also have to put her in a crate at night so she doesn't chew our shoes, but she doesn't really seem to mind. All in all she is a good little doggy!

My cats are pissed, but they will get over it. Hatshepsut, my grey cat, has already decided she likes her. Nefertiti, my white cat, is so pissed I haven't seen her since this morning. I hope she comes back. She can hold a grudge like nobody I know. Even me......

I am going to go to petco tomorrow to get a few needed items. I need some toys. I have none! Poor Sheila! We knotted up some socks, but she loked at them like ' a pathetic excuse'. Oh well I tried!

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