Sunday, July 15, 2007

It finally happened

Someone rubbed my belly. Let me repeat that. Some. One. Rubbed. My. Belly. Ok number 1. I am not that big. First baby + only 15 weeks pregnant= Little belly. Most of what you see is a little flab that I have sticking out. So when she rubbed it, quite vigorously I might add, my fat kinda jiggled around a little. Which was quite embarrassing. A coworker at where my mom works did it. I was polite. But she was lucky she recovered her hand with out teeth marks. Number 2. Since when does a pregnant woman's stomach become public property. I mean I have never ever, ever rubbed a random persons stomach. Why do it now because there is a baby growing in it? OY! All was done in innocence I know, but still very frustrating.

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