Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Say What?

So we got a van about a month ago. This was a hot subject between Pilot and I for a LONG time. I wanted a bigger vehicle like 2 years ago. He is just now getting around to it.... I wanted to get a SUV because of the fact that we live on a dirt road and it would suit us more. We live in the "Winter Wonder Land" for Pete's sake. That should tell you what our roads are like all winter. Not to mention that the road is like a sand dune all summer long. Also I was trying to hold on to my last shred of non-mommy dignity. Needless to say Pilot got a van much to my chagrin. Today he asked me if I liked it. I looked at him with an ambiguous look. I had no comment. He knows how I feel. This in turn made Pilot laugh and tell me I am stubborn. Which I will willingly admit to. However, then it went into funny name calling. I am apparently a "weiney boob." I have not stopped laughing. I can't even begin to describe the look on his face when he said it. I will take the name as long as I do not have to admit that I like the van. I will say it is a nice van. But my German stubbornness refuses to admit any likeness to said van. So therefore I am a "weiney boob."

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