Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After Burn

BAB's birthday was yesterday. We are still feeling the afterburn. She went to sleep crying. Woke up twice crying in the middle of the night. (it is currently 2:15am. Couldn't sleep due to screaming 3 yr old.) It is not uncommon for her to wake up crying. She has always done this. Always. Usually she has no idea why. I will go in there and she is incoherent and crying. I really can't do anything for her. Well last night I heard her screaming at the top pf her lungs "I WANT DAD-DY. I WAS DAD-DY" And the last part of daddy was a scream. This was not a I am being burned alive scream. This was I want daddy right now because I am the boss of the world. I was like "It is 4 in the mother Bleep. I am going to ignore her and hope she goes back to sleep soon." She did. Just a few minutes ago I heard " I want baby." Over and over and over and over and over and over again. I finally went in after 15 minutes of this. She couldn't find the new doll she had got for her birthday that was 6 inches from her face. Aparently this is scream worthy. I, on the other hand, am rather pissed that I have been woken up twice since 1am because my 3 yr old couldn't find a God Blessit doll. Can you tell I am a little irritated that I am awake and 2am in the morning? I think the worst part is Pilot is still sound a sleep.

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