Saturday, June 20, 2009


The girl's were driving me crazy this morning. All they did all morning was pick, pick, pick. LM has found her scream. And uses it often. Especially when BAB is 'bugging' her. AKA-BAB knows how and will do anything to bug her. So after 2 hours of this nonstop headache inducing crap I sent them outside in the cold, wet, windy morning. Yes, you read right. I was sick of listening to them. Actually it worked. I went out and read a book and they got out and played in the mud puddles. After lunch I put them to bed. I took a nap. And then it started all over again. sigh.....

I am contemplating trying to see if LM will potty train. I think she could and I have heard that at 18 months it is possible. I don't know....

I am half watching a Min Pin. This thing is half the size of my cat and as dumb as a box of rocks. Ok, so its not that dunb, but it isn't the smartest dog around. At least if half comes when you call it. Most of the time she just stands and looks at you like 'What?'. Oh well. My mom is actually watching it. I am just watching it today and had it yesterday a little.

I just read My Sister's Keeper. If you haven't read it and want to stop reading this post! I was NOT expecting that in the end. Wow. What a sad story. The whole time I wanted to slap the mom. But the ending is what really cooked it.

This day can not get over fast enough.

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