Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day

Well he saw his shadow today. I personally am in denial. Although he always sees his shadow. I don't know why they have Groundhog's Day any more. It should be null and void. It just depresses us northern folk. By this time we are all sick of the snowing and blowing and the freaking cold. Then to hear 6 more weeks of winter! BAH!

In other news, my friend Casandra brought over gluten free cake today and it was really good! YUM! It helped my blah mood.

In other other news, Sheila found a new friend. yay....... Her name is Jody. She lives across my mom and dad's lake. We were over there eating dinner. And as always she follows us over and stands guard at the door. She comes in sometimes, but I don't think my dad likes it. Anyway, she was out and about sniffing the snow when Dutch and his friend from accross the lake. This was very interesting to watch. Sheila is a good doggy friend. Not so good with people. Hopefully Jody will not come over as often as Dutch. Jody was over once before. It was July 4th and she was scared of the fireworks. People were over at my house going in and out. All of a sudden she just comes on in the house like she owns the place. Like a good neighbor I called the number on the tag and they came and got her.

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