Friday, February 20, 2009

The Croup

Well the babies had croup this last weekend. LM got it first. If you have ever had a baby with croup you know how awful it is. They can't breath. They feel awful. It is just not the common cold for sure. But we all survived. We even survived the steroids prescribed to get the inflammation of the throat down. If you have ever had a kid on steroids for asthma or anything you know how awful that is too! They want to crawl out of there skin I think! Poor babies! The rest of us got the 'big kid' version of it as well. BAB is still coughing, but seems to be feeling better as well. And Pilot and I well, we just don't count I think!

I will leave you with this funny story- They have recently redid the road down by the local Walmart to add a middle lane. I have not been down that way since they have redid it. Mostly because it is a little out of town and I don't go that way. I had to buy a humidifier for the babies on Saturday after my mom and I sat in Urgent care for 2 hours while they tortured my daughter. (another story....) I successfully got the humidifier and was headed out of the parking lot. I pulled out and realized I had gone to far and was on the shoulder so I got back in the correct lane. I am driving along and look behind me. I see all the cars are driving on the shoulder. I was like what are they doing? And then it dawned on me. I WAS DRIVING IN THE NEW MIDDLE LANE! It was the old right lane and now the middle lane! The new right lane was a new pavent and a different color. It also did not have a white line indicating it was actually a lane and not a shoulder! OY! My mom and I had a pretty good laugh at that. Which we needed at the time!

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