Sunday, December 23, 2007

OK now I'm miserable

I am 38 weeks pregnant. I don't think I have slept 8 hours in the last 5 days. When I wake up in the morning I feel worse then the night before. It probably doesn't help that I have been to 2 family Christmases that lasted to 9pm. They both did not start until 7pm. That is coincidently when BAB goes to bed. So she has been an absolutely wonderful child the last couple of days...... (Please wipe dripping sarcasm off your monitor.) And to top it off Pilot has been gone since Thursday. So I have been doing this all by myself. Although I do have to say I have been getting help from my sister and her husband and also my mom and dad. But that has only been at the Christmases. It looks like I have 2 giant bowling balls under each eye. I also have exema under one eye so it is swollen, red and black. It looks like somebody took sandpaper to my left eye and punched me twice once in each eye. Pilot is coming home tonight at 2am. He is getting up with BAB tomorrow. I don't care how tired he is. If I have to gag my way through another poopy diaper at 8am in the morning because that is how she always wakes up I think I will drop her off at my mom's house and run for the hills. Oh and I woke up last night with a leg cramp from H E double toothpicks. I couldn't get rid of it. I was up for an hour fighting it.

Side note- yesterday I had a pizza delivered by here because well, I didn't want to get out and the baby wanted pizza. So I got breadsticks and a veggie pizza. I was so excited. Until it came and the veggie pizza was not a veggie pizza. I would have been fine with that, however it had feta cheese on it. You can't eat feta cheese when you are pregnant because it has a bacteria that may not digest well or something like that. I cried.

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