Monday, December 10, 2007

Gaurdian At Lidem

BAB has a Guardian At Lidem, a court appointed attorney. I don't like her. She is by law supposed to come out to see BAB in my home before each and every hearing. She doesn't. Last hearing she didn't even call me until the day before the hearing. Then she wanted to see BAB before the hearing at the court house. She was supposed to meet us a half an hour before the hearing at 8:30am. I had to wake BAB up and bring her along with my mom because I do not think that it is appropriate to bring a child to a hearing about her and her mother's indiscretions. So not only do I have to get BAB up I have to bring her to an old court house that is not 14 month old friendly. At. All. Then she doesn't even show up until 5 minutes before the hearing. I am chasing a toddler around a cement hall way for 30 minutes. I was pissed. So much to my surprise her secretary actually made a call today. It is still a week and 2 days until the hearing. I almost had a heart attack. Unfortunetly I have to take an 18 month old to her office for a visit. (Of which I'm sure she has all nice and toddler proofed.) I was like "Give me a break. Don't try to hard, GAL." The problem is that these attorney's do not get paid so they don't give a rat's tail about these kids. It ticks me off.

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