Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm still alive

Ok so it has been awhile since I have blogged. Sorry! A few things have been going on around here. I am getting freaking huge! BAH! I mean its not all that bad.I have an excuse this time! The doctor said I have only gained 10 lbs., but I am not so sure. I think their weight machine just happen to break when I got on because I feel like I have gained about 30 lbs. From here on out I should be gaining a pound a week. Which would bring me up to 28 lbs. gained total if all goes as 'planned'. Which doesn't sound so scary I suppose. Actually I think at the end maybe I am suppose to gain 2 lbs. a week..... hmmmmm....... Ok I am going to go work out tomorrow. Is it bad that I am thinking that I am hungry right now?

Next big thing is I took Sheila to obedience class last night. I know, that was killer news. Peel your self from the wall and sit back down. My sister in law TJ and I took both our dogs last night in the same car. I think we both took retard pills earlier that day too. She has a 6 months old Australian Shepard and mine is a year old Australian Shepard. They get along great, but like to play and wrestle. We ended up stopping and I sat in the back with Sheila and Gus, her puppy sat in the front with her. So in essence I got put in back with the dogs.... hmmmmm......... Next time I think we will bring the truck and put them in the back! Other then that they both did well. I have to teach Sheila to heal. That went over like a super leaded balloon. But I will triumph. I swear!

I think that is all the excitement I can dole out for now. I should go and read since BAB is taking a nap right now! YAY! Maybe eat a snack.......

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