Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh the horrors of teething

BAB is teething once again. She has started this new drama queen act. (of which doesn't fool anybody) I have mastered 'the look'! (I am so proud of myself!) So when I give her the 'the look' she falls to the floor and cries like I have caused some unseen horror against humanity. I have to laugh every time. I do believe if she knew how to she would put her arm up against her forehead damsel-in-distress style. She is a little drama queen for sure.

And I do believe she glared at me in the car the other day. She was screaming and I turned around and said 'no screaming'. And if I am correct I think she actually glared at me. That to I laughed at. Mind you it will not be so funny in 10 years when she does this, but I feel pretty confident that looks do no kill so I laugh and go on. I told my mom about the glare and she told me again 'you reap what you sew'. I'm starting to see a trend......

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