Thursday, June 7, 2007

Three visits a week

Did I mention before that I had 3 visits a week with SP. This is insane! I understand why they do it though. The mother needs to bond with the baby if she is going to take him home after a year. Since this is such a crucial time with bonding. BUT what a pain in the butt! We do, however, get some money reimbursed for traveling. I believe it is like .35c a mile. Not much, but its something. So I have been marking them down. I never did with BAB, but we didn't have this much going on with her. I got word today that we were to know a little bit more on SP's long term placements.

Also BAB is having a big birthday party the day after Pilot's brother gets married. That way some of Pilot's family that lives all over may be able to come. However, my family is going to get together on her birthday so that we can have a little party. She doesn't know its her birthday, but its fun! So she gets 2 parties! Lucky her!

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eternaldamnation said...

I need a date for the party!!! And gift ideas! Otherwise it might be something noisy and obnoxious...