Wednesday, June 13, 2007

He's gone

Pilot and I took SP to his grandparents yesterday. It was a very sad day. I miss him so much. It's the little things. Like this morning when I woke up and my thoughts go to what I have to do in the morning - Make sure SP is okay. When did he eat last? When will he be hungry. What is the order for the morning? Feed BAB then SP or SP then BAB? Do I have time for a shower? Then I realize SP isn't here anymore. I almost cried again.

On the up side his grandma and grandpa are very nice people. I know in my heart that he is supposed to be there. His 8 year old brother reached up into SP's car seat stretching his little body in to give his little brother a big kiss as soon as I got there. It was so sweet! SP will have a wonderful life with his family. I know it is important for him to be with family. I know this..... But as far as he and I know WE are family. He will always be my little baby.

His grandma said I could visit anytime. I probably will to!

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