Thursday, June 28, 2007

Butter's and GG are back

My brother in law and sister in law made it back from the 'sin city'. They went to Las Vegas for there honeymoon. Fun was had by all. I had lunch with them and my other brother and sister in law. Looked at pictures and went home. They are headed to the UP today. By the way in case you don't know it costs $2.50 to cross the bridge.

Winney is doing good. She has settled down a little....... She also has about 4 more teeth. She got 2 more on the bottom and finally her two front teeth. She may be getting her first molars
on top soon too. She had her 1 year well baby visit last week. She is a little shrimpy. Thats alright she will fit right in! She still has to take her Acid reflux medicine and do the nebulizer every night. But all in all she is a healthy baby girl! YAY!!!!!!

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