Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Heart beats

So I had my 2nd prenatal visit today. I am only 9 weeks, but they tried to hear for the babies heart beat. And they found it! I was so excited. I, of course, cried. My mom got to hear it too. Pilot was gone to work, but I called and told him. He was pretty excited to.

I am no longer able to wear my regular pants. I have to wear maternity pants, which most are to big. But its still pretty fun. I'm so excited! Not everybody nows my news yet around town. Its kinda fun being sneaky! I was a little worried about how much weight I had gained, but I had only gained 4 pounds. SO I wasn't to worried. But I really do need to be more careful. Especially since I could easily get gestational diabetes.

Other then that nothing else new. I haven't heard anything new about SP. BAB is driving us all crazy with her new "screaming". But all in all she is doing good.

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