Monday, February 1, 2010

Ok I thought of a funny

I was attempting to make coffee this morning. I am still pretty tired and we had my sister's little one here last night. And of course Randy left me to get all 4 kids up and breakfast. Two out of the three kids that wear diapers were ummm....shall we say not an easy clean up. And then this ensues - "I want Daddy's cereal. I want milk. I like daddy's cereal. I want cereal and milk" From Sienna who by all means NEVER STOPS TALKING! So I finally got all the kids their cereal and I decided that I thought to myself "Why do I not have coffee in my hands?" So I got the beans out and of course had to wash the French press first. Got the grinder out and put the beans in the French press. I'll let you think about that for a minute....... Then I went "oh CRAP!!!" And of course the french press was wet so I had to get a spatula to get the beans out ans put them in the grinder. Loosing half of them in the mean time. The beans are wet now and stick to the grinder.... But in the end I got my cup of coffee just in time to fight Lanna for it. Yes, she likes coffee. A girl after my own heart!

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