Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm gonna be an AUNTIE!!!!

OK, so I already am one. But this is on the other side. My sisters in law are both pregnant and basically due the same day! Crazy! One has been trying for a couple years and has PCOS. So I am SO FREAKING excited for her!!! The other has been trying for a little while too. So I'm glad that she does not have any problems. I'm so excited because I get to buy more baby stuff! I LOVE buying baby stuff. I can't wait!!!!!

In other NON exciting news.... I made chicken and dumplings and creamy potato soup for lunch today. Everybody is coming over for lunch. Well, traditionally my sister and her clan and my mom and dad come over after church. Today just a few are coming due to sickness EVERYWHERE! My kids my sister's kids.... ME! BLAH! Oh well, that is the way it goes.Oh and I made brownies. Yeah, you heard me. Homemade brownies! I love baking and cooking, but I rarely have time. This morning I put a movie on and the kids have left me alone. Gotta love the TV babysitter! :) Which reminds I can't wait for summer so the kids aren't cooped up all the time.

And other news that is mostly exciting..... My mom is opening a quilting store! She is getting everything in this week. I am planning on going up there alot this week helping. I am going to take a lot of pictures so maybe I will post some here. We have to scan all her material and notions in this week before she opens. So hopefully non of the kds will get sicker and need to go the hospital! I don't have time!!! JK.....kinda...

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